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Selfie The Game of Silly Expressions Review

Selfie The Game of Silly Expressions Review – review and description of the Selfie game by USAopoly, a game for kids (and adults) ages 13 and up.

Selfie The Game of Silly Expressions is a new game that USAopoly has asked me to review.

USAopoly recently sent me some board games for review. USAopoly, Inc. has been creating popular board games since 1994 is a leading game manufacturer offering the world’s best-known games. We were sent five games… Telestrations, Tapple, Treasure Trax, Reverse Charades, and CrossWays.

Although I have liked many of the other USAopoly games, I’m a bit on the fence about Selfie. The core concept is good… it’s actually very similar to Apples to Apples, one of our family’s favorite games, but the process is just not as entertaining as other games.

Here’s how Selfie works… players compete to come up with the best description to match one of the other player’s selfie picture or selfie expression that they “act out.” All players start with seven cards. You choose a card to act out, and the other players select from their seven cards to come up with one that matches your expression the closest. The favorite guess gets the point. The first player to reach five points wins the game.

Selfie – The Game of Silly Expressions can be played with your cell phone or tablet, or by using the photo frame that comes with the game. We thought we’d want to use our phones, but it was more of a hassle so we opted for the frame.

Selfie – The Game of Silly Expressions is suggested for players ages 13+, and is meant for 4 or more players. We played it with my kids who are 10 and 12, and there were only three in the group. It worked just fine. However, some of the cards were a bit difficult to act out for their age but I can’t see how it would be any easier if they were 13, e.g. “You just found out you are pregnant” might be a difficult emotion to portray for any child.

The pros to the Selfie – The Game of Silly Expressions game are that it’s a quick game to play. It typically only takes about 20 minutes for one of the players to reach 5 points. Also, it’s great practice for some acting skills. It’s interesting to see what your kids will do when they draw a card that says “Someone just stepped on your foot.”

The con is that it doesn’t end up being all that funny. There really are only so many ways you can make facial expressions for the hundreds of cards in the box, and the end results didn’t have us chuckling. With Apples to Apples, we find definite humor in it.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for Selfie The Game – The Game of Silly Expressions is $14.99 and it can be found on or visit to learn which retail stores carry the game.

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