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Sensate Meditation System Review

Sensate Meditation System review, pics, and info for the smart touch therapy device which uses sonic resonance waves directed to your autonomic nervous system paired with methodically composed soundscapes (via phone app). Simply place the unit on your chest in the sternum area then pop in your ebuds to dial in a Sensate soundscape track from their app and you’re ready to go. The Sensate meditation system stimulates your vagus nerve in addition to stimulating your mind with beautiful soundscapes to create a blissful peace of mind.

In short, Sensate Meditation System is like a supercharged (and even more scientific) Calm app.


I was given a Sensate Meditation System unit for review. I am a huge fan and believer in meditation. However, I have not been very successful with it. Until now, I had not found a system that helped me commit to the practice. The meditation I was employing using soundscape music was helpful and enjoyable while I was doing it, but I wasn’t finding that it carried over into my day yet. I needed a little more help to get there.

Then, I heard about Sensate.

Sensate Meditation System Review

Sensate – How It Works
In addition to the methodically composed soundscapes, Sensate uses a smart touch therapy device that emits precisely engineered sound waves directly into the body, sending a powerful, stress-alleviating signal directly to your autonomic nervous system. The Sensate unit uses vibrating pulses. You rest it on your chest while listening to the soundscapes. Sensate uses bone conduction through the chest cavity to gently downregulate stress responses using sound.

Sensate directly addresses the vagus nerve and trains it for stressful situations. Do you ever feel knots in your stomach when stressed? That’s the vagus nerve in action. The vagus nerve is responsible for the way your body reacts to stress, so toning this nerve can play a role in improving your digestion, heart health and breathing rate.

After about two weeks of regular use, I felt the positive effects of Sensate carrying over into my day. I feel more stress resilient. My body does not have a fight or flight response to stressful situations. Without that interference, I am not struggling to resolve the issue, which is very difficult to do when in a panic or overwhelmed state. Sensate helps regulate my nervous system. I can feel the difference. If you use and enjoy meditation apps, you’ll LOVE Sensate.

Now, after more than 18 months of use, I swear by my Sensate Mediation System routine.

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Sensate can be purchased on Sensate’s website.

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