Shayket Training Self Defense Seminars Review Metro Detroit


Shayket Training Self Defense Seminars Review Metro Detroit – Review of self-defense training seminar by Shayket Training which travels to Metro Detroit locations to offer classes.

I’ve attended a couple of self defense seminars and have learned basic self defense techniques. Mostly, the self defense training I’ve attended consisted of moves that help get you out of a bad situation, but also discuss how to avoid a bad situation – all very helpful. My problem is that these self defense techniques are (thankfully) not practiced on a daily basis and are therefore, not instinctual. Self defense techniques need to be practiced, and the easiest moves to remember are the ones that mostly resemble “common sense.”

I recently attended a one-day self-defense training session held by Lee Shaykhet, a provider of specialized methods of self-defense. The Shaykhet method is practical and easy to master. The method was created by Lee Shaykhet, who has experience training the former Soviet Army and has provided instruction for law enforcement and military organizations. Shaykhet is available to teach self-defense to individuals or groups in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area. He’ll travel to your location to provide top-notch training in self-defense techniques.

At  Shayket Training training, Lee taught us self defense techniques that were easy, because if a stressful situation were to arise where I needed to use self defense techniques, I had better be able to “react” using my skills that I’ve learned. If it’s too complicated, it’s too difficult. Lee Shaykhet teaches moves that have fewer steps than martial arts. He knows that if you know what you’re doing, you do it automatically – and that’s what you need in a stressful situation.

The self-defense training that Shaykhet provides is extremely hands-on. My friend and I spent over an hour learning key methods of counter attacking and escaping hostile situations. I found being concept of being attacking Shaykhet uncomfortable at first but in no time was channeling the real-life situations into energy to use combat. I definitely feel more prepared for a situation having his self-defense tips in my memory reservoir!

The biggest lesson I walked away with after attending one of  Shayket Training / Lee Shaykhet’s self defense sessions is that a woman -= no matter how small – can defend herself. It’s not about strength. It’s about developing the skill to use your body weight rather than muscle strength. A great deal of “damage” can be done just by using your body weight.

Lee Shaykhet teaches several different forms of self defense sessions in his program, including separate sessions on Core Principles (the foundation), Groud Defense (what to do if an attacker has you down on the ground), Knees and Elbows (easy to use and very powerful), and more.

For more information about  Shayket Training or Lee Shaykhet’s training, visit his website at His training doesn’t come cheap, but you might be able to arrange for him to come to a yoga class and do a group training at a discounted rate.

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