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Shuttleworth Heating and Cooling Oxford Review

Shuttleworth Heating and Cooling Oxford Review – Review of Shuttleworth Heating and Cooling in Oxford MI. The furnace and A/C in our home were the originals (from ’84), and although it was still working, it wasn’t effective. We were experiencing excess moisture in the summer, and uneven home temps in the winter.

My mother-in-law recommended Shuttleworth Heating and Cooling Oxford Michigan. I called, and Roger  from Shuttleworth Heating and Cooling came over to take a look at our house and offer his advice. Here is our review:

Roger was so kind, honest, and very knowledgeable.  Shuttleworth Heating and Cooling explained that our A/C unit was too big for our size house and it would thrust out all the cool air too quickly, thereby shutting the A/C down sooner, instead of giving it time to get the humidity out of the air. As a result, the unit runs ineffectively and wastes energy.

The furnace itself is rusted inside because of a crack in the condenser drip tray that leaked.  Additionally, our basement (which is finished) gets down to the low 60’s in the winter, and nobody even wants to go down there.  It’s a kid haven full of toys, and the kids even say it’s too cold.  Shuttleworth Heating and Cooling suggested we get a furnace that is powerful enough to run a fan 24/7. This would help circulate the air and we could get even temps all throughout the house, including in the basement!  Now, that would be a first!

Shuttleworth Heating and Cooling Oxford are currently installing the units.  I have no doubt that we will have the results he mentioned.  But for now, I can say with 100% certainty that Roger of Shuttleworth Heating and Cooling in Oxford is honest, kind, does neat work, and is VERY fair in his pricing (a HUGE pro!).  No cons yet.  So, if and when you need help with heating/cooling issues, keep this number on hand…248-628-6711.

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