Silverdome Bar and Grill CLOSED

Silverdome Bar and Grill CLOSED – The Pontiac Silverdome attempted to resurrect The Main Event restaurant experience in 2011 with Silverdome Bar and Grill. Silverdome failed miserably as did any attempts to resurrect the once might Pontiac Silverdome. I had a chance to review Silverdome Bar and Grill when it opened. Here’s the original interview. (Note the optimism we had trying hoping the Silverdome would return as a world-class entertainment facility).

It’s back but with a new name…Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill has changed its name to The Silverdome Bar and Grill.

If you’re as old as I am and a fan of the Pontiac Silverdome, you may remember the Silverdome Main Event, the restaurant within the Silverdome that over looks the field from a large glass wall at the end-zone upper level.


It’s now reopened as of March 30, 2011. As soon as my husband heard the news, we were on our way to check out the new Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill now renamed The Silverdome Bar and Grill. The review is from April 11th, 2011 but the decor remains largely unchanged.

The Silverdome Bar and Grill has a cozy interior that has a high end feel when you compare it to a typical sports bar and grill. The unique lighting including some pink tones, the twenty plus flat screen TVs surrounding the place and at some booths, the great customer service, the fun atmosphere, it was all a nice touch.

The Silverdome Bar and Grill menu has a lot to offer. A big enough range of foods to suit many. They have great starters including shrimp cocktail and steak medallions, as well as more traditional items like cheese sticks and chicken fingers. The Silverdome Bar and Grill has a big selection of sandwiches and burgers that are all reasonably priced around $7.99 – Deli style, burgers, and coneys. I found the selection of five different kinds of fries quite intriguing so I did not leave without trying out the most interesting – the ballpark fries. If you like garlic, parmesan and butter, these are the fries for you. The Silverdome Bar and Grill in the Pontiac Silverdome offers salads as well, pizza and a kids menu with entrees as low as $2.99. Overall, all the entrees at Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill are under $20 including the steaks, ribs, and the jumbo shrimp dinner.

You can’t beat the view. The glass window wall with seating facing the field had me wishing the Lions were still playing there and we were watching them from the best seats in the house.

The Silverdome Bar and Grill is quite cozy with not that many tables. There is a banquet hall attached to it for bigger parties. There is talk that they’re going to open up the old Main Event banquet hall on weekends to feature a dance club attached to Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill.

The Silverdome Bar and Grill at the Pontiac Silverdome
1200 Featherstone Road
Pontiac, Michigan

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