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Sky Ropes of Farmington Closes

Sky Ropes of Farmington Hills is now closed. Farmington Tennis Club closed its doors for good on April 2, 2013 leaving Sky Ropes without a facility.

Sky Ropes of Farmington opened in August 2012 right inside the Farmington Tennis Club. Here was the OCM review of Sky Ropes in hopes a similar rope climibng facility opens soon in Metro Detroit.

Sky Ropes of Farmington offers two ropes courses – a Kiddie Course and a High Ropes Course. The kiddie course is open for children ages 2-7 and no taller than 48″. The High Ropes Course is open for anyone 48″ or taller, or children under 48″ tall accompanied by an adult.


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Sky Ropes of Farmington is a fun fitness activity for many, even as young as 2 1/2, so long as you fit in a harness! Pricing for the ropes courses are $12 for the High Ropes Course and $5 for the Kiddie Course. The one entry fee gets you about 25 minutes of play time. It typically takes 15 minutes just to get through the course.

The high ropes courses at Sky Ropes are run by a staff that is highly trained and certified by the ropes course manufacturer to ensure safety. All staff is fully knowledgeable on how to operate the courses. Additionally, the course are constructed of steel (and composite plastic for the faux wood), and utilizes a slider assembly (which holds 9000 lbs) that is inserted into the track at the ground level. There is no way to unhook it while on the ropes course.

The Kiddie Course at Sky Ropes of Farmington is the only one in Michigan, and there are only two in the entire United States! The Kiddie Course at Sky Ropes stands 32″ from the ground.

The High Ropes Course is built to gradually increase in difficulty as it moves up each higher level, i.e. the easiest obstacles are on the first level and it gets more challenging the higher you go. There are 16 total obstacles and you get to choose your own path and decide where you want to go. At each platform, you will choose among 2-3 options. And, it’s easy to pass people at each of the platforms so there’s no waiting or being held up by anyone who’s moving cautiously or stopped alltogether.

Marketing Director of Sky Ropes of Farmington, Mandie Cook, states “The High Ropes Course is much different when you’re up there. You get a nice adrenaline rush, but it’s still doable for most people because it’s not too physically demanding. Plus, the experience is different every time.”

The High Ropes Course at Sky Ropes is broken out into three levels. Level one is 12 feet from the ground; level two is 24 feet from the ground; and level three is 32 feet off the ground.

Those willing to go on the ropes course should be wearing comfortable clothing and shoes that won’t fall off (and no heels). The ropes course is not recommended for pregnant women or those with neck or back injuries or a heart condition. There are also weight limit restrictions for each course: 300 lbs. for the High Ropes Course and 130 lbs. for the Kiddie Course.

Sky Ropes of Farmington is looking great with these two new ropes courses. And, you can expect to see more as they make additions to the facility. Sky Ropes plans to add a climbing wall, zip line, bouncers…

Sky Ropes of Farmington Hours:
Monday – Sunday

Sky Ropes of Farmington
at the Farmington Tennis Club
22777 Farmington Rd
Farmington, MI 48336

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