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Sloan Museum Bug’s World Exhibit

Sloan Museum Bug’s World Exhibit review, pics, and info – The Sloan Museum in Flint recently opened its latest exhibit – A Bug’s World. It runs through September 4, 2016.

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A Bug’s World at Sloan Museum in Flint is an exhibit that showcases bugs that are up to 200 times greater than life-size. These life-size dimensions has some of the robotic insects measuring over 20 feet in length! Visitors will walk through what feels like a giant microscope as they explore and learn more about the five (gigantic robotic) insects.

Sloan Museum Bug’s World Exhibit Pics

The gigantic insects are robotic and have life-like movements which is interesting to see on such a grand scale. The five different insects that are featured are a Chinese praying mantis, stick bug, swallowtail butterfly caterpillar, desert locust, and rhinoceros beetle. The caterpillar edges its way around a massive bug-collecting net, the desert locust rises up and spreads its wings, two giant beetles knock horns battling for territory, and more!

Each Sloan Museum Bug’s World Exhibit display also offers and interactive and interesting true/false questions with hidden answers behind little doors, as well as a nice back lit fact sheet to learn more about each insect at A Bug’s World.

At the entrance to the exhibit, there is also a Magnified Moving Heads display that has three 4-foot “magnifying glasses” to show a close-up view of the antennae, eyes and mouthparts of a mosquito, bee and dragonfly. Hands-on controls let visitors manipulate the mouthparts on these heads and see how they chew, suck and feed.

After visiting Sloan Museum Bug’s World Exhibit, visitors can head into the Flint Museum as well to see all kinds of history surrounding Flint, MI.

Sloan Museum Bug’s World Exhibit
open – now through – September 4, 2016

Sloan Museum is located on the Flint Cultural Center Campus
1221 E. Kearsley Street
Flint, Michigan 48503
Phone – 810-237-3450

Sloan Museum Hours
Monday thru Friday – 10a – 5p
Saturday and Sunday – noon – 5p

For more info on Sloan Museum Bug’s World Exhibit, visit

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