Smaller Birthday Parties for Kids

The case for the smaller birthday parties for kids and teens – Gone are my kids’ days of Chuck E Cheese-type birthday parties, I’m making a case for scaled-back birthday parties now that my kids are getting older. Grand birthday parties and fun locations are great, and they have their time and place. But, if your child doesn’t have the personality or need for something huge, a smaller, more intimate birthday party for kids can be the right call.


The Case for Smaller Birthday Parties for Kids

I think my case for smaller birthday parties for kids and teens begins with the fact that I don’t enjoy the crowded party setting. I’m a one-on-one kind of friend. I’ll usually get together with my friends on different occasions, one at a time. I like great conversation, and I don’t feel like I can get that in the chaos of a massive get-together. My kids’ personality traits pretty much fall in-line with mine.

As kids get older, I think it’s also natural that they start to develop stronger friendships with fewer kids, rather then casual friendships with everyone in their class at school. So, the more intimate setup becomes attractive to them as well; a lot more meaningful and a lot less overwhelming – for them and for you.

My son was asked to go out with his friend for his then 14th birthday celebration. When his parents (friends of ours) told us about the plans for the party, I fell in love with their idea – a trio of close friends having dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and then off to a high school football game, followed by going out for ice cream. Simple and brilliant, this was a dream night for the boys and they wanted nothing more than to spend this quality time together as the tight knit group of three that they are. This is a smaller birthday parties for kids and teens idea for kids who are quickly outgrowing the typical Chuck E. Cheese Party was a great option for them socially and made for a perfect evening (and didn’t break the bank the way renting out a go-kart track for 4 hours for 60 people would).

I plan on using that birthday party idea making arrangements similar to this for my kids’ birthdays next year. I can see my daughter and her best friends (2 or 3) doing a little shopping, having dinner, and watching a movie or having a sleepover. I think my son will opt for something sports related with his closest friends. Either way, I’d happily spend enough money for the kids to feel like they were having a special night out vs just going out together. We’d make it all about a nice bonding experience, doing what they love with the people who mean the most to them.


I’m not against fun birthday party places like arcades and large venues, heck… we love them… but I always get a little disappointed when there are 30 kids plus 20 relatives trying to cram all their fun into 90 minutes.


And, when it comes down to it, I’d prefer to spend money on their birthday celebration for three or four kids to have a memorable night for an extended evening, rather than 25 kids to have a night of running around and making lots of noise for an hour and a half. I’ve had no problems selling the idea to my kids. What do you think of the case for smaller birthday parties for kids and teens?

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