Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids of all ages to give last-minute shoppers (including myself) a quick guide to help get the Christmas stockings gifts taken care of.


Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

When I do my Christmas shopping, I get the main presents out of the way first, and I save the Christmas stocking stuffers for last. Sometimes I go a little late on them and find myself in a pinch as Christmas quickly approaches. Don’t fall into the trap of just getting batteries and candy.

A lot of the Christmas stocking items suggested can be moved from one age group to another, depending on the child’s interests. Many of these Christmas stocking gift ideas can be taken care of with a trip to the bargain bin at Target or your favorite Dollar Store.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer gift ideas for children ages 2-5 – This is the easiest age for stocking stuffers. Even as a kid, I can remember the small toys and trinkets I would get that would be just as exciting as the presents under the Christmas tree.

  1. Box of crayons – every kid loves new crayons! If you’re really on top of things, pick up an extra box while they’re on sale during the back-to-school sales.
  2. Coloring books – these roll up and can be easily stuffed into the Christmas stocking.
  3. Pencils with child’s name on it – as your child learns to recognize and read his/her name, they love to have things with their name on it.
  4. Mini plastic animal toys – go with whatever your child loves here… turtles, dinosaurs, soldiers, zoo or farm animals, sea creatures…
  5. Matchbox cars – if your child is old enough and likes cars, they’ll be happy to see which ones they gets in their stocking.
  6. Mini puzzles – these come in a small box that fits nicely in the Christmas stocking.
  7. Play-Doh – this is a good opportunity to replace those cans that have dried out!
  8. Sesame Street Live Tickets – Sesame Street Live is coming this January to the Fox Theatre. you can buy tickets to print to put in those stockings from our friends at 313Presents
  9. Peppa Pig World of Play Membership – We’re lucky enough to have Peppa Pig in our own backyard at Great Lakes Crossing. Your child can visit Peppa anytime with Peppa Pig World of Play memberships starting at just $75!


Christmas Stocking Stuffer gift ideas for children ages 6-8 – This is a great in between age. Some of these items work well for the previous age group, and some of the items in the next age category would go nicely here as well.

  1. Stickers – kids at this age enjoy collecting stickers. And, you can usually find themed stickers that match your child’s interests. Why won’t they bring back Scratch ‘n Sniffs?
  2. Paperback books – this is a great way to start your child on a new series, or add to one he/she already loves.
  3. Socks and underwear – you can still get away with this at this point because the kids are at an age where you can still buy fun colors, logo’d, character, etc.  merchandise that your kids will love. Beyond here, you’re stuck with tighty whiteys and that’s no fun at all to get in a Christmas stocking. Look at it this way… They don’t want to open them as a present under the tree but may appreciate them more as a Christmas stocking stuffer throw-in.
  4. Mini note pads – what is it with kids at this age and office supplies? Kids love having their own little note pads with pictures on the cover – puppies, kittens, sports, etc. They will write stories in them that carry over from one little page to the next. Or, they may surprise you with little notes here and there!
  5. Card games – so many board games even had a card game version. Or go with old reliable – UNO. Tiny travel games, or tiny versions of board games, are inexpensive and a great Christmas stocking stuffer.
  6. Art supplies – the little artist will love new paints, oil pastels, paint brushes, shrinky dinks and more! The bargain bin at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or the Dollar store is a great place to start
  7. Kids Clubs – Sports fan? Our Detroit teams (and local Universities) have awesome Kids Clubs with fun swag and incredible sports experiences. This is a gift that lasts the whole season for Lions, Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers, Spartans, Wolverines, & Golden Grizzlies fans. MORE INFO
  8. LEGOLAND Membership – People don’t realize this, but you can get year-long memberships to LEGOLAND for less than $55.


Christmas Stocking Stuffer gift ideas for kids 9-12 – My kids fall into this age bracket. I quickly found that as my kids got older, the challenge of finding decent stocking stuffers at Christmas time got bigger, and I needed to find a whole new set of ideas for Christmas stocking stuffers.

  1. Digital book marks – Digital book marks have a timer on them that kids set as they’re reading so they can easily see how long they’ve read for, without having to stop to look at the clock. I tell my kids I like them to read for 30 minutes each night. The digital book marks motivate them and makes evening story time happen without a hitch. I found the digital book marks on for about $17.50 for a two pack.
  2. Football/baseball cards – for the young men in the house, sports cards are always a great hit to add to their collection. My son is a fan of the Topps brand football cards and has been collecting them for a few years now. The cards are not as easily accessible as they were when we were young, but we have found them at Target.
  3. Lip glosses and nail polish – for the young lady in the house, you can never have too many shades or flavors of lip gloss, or too many different colors of nail polish. I typically buy the smallest bottles of nail polish I can find because the colors are so trendy and my daughter is ready to move onto the next one before the bottles run out.
  4. Calculator – kids are just getting into the math problems where either a calculator is allowed, or they need one to double check their work.
  5. Mechanical pencils – The office supply craze continues and the latest love is for the mechanical pencils. Buy a pack and split it among all the Christmas stockings.
  6. Christmas ornaments – at this age, the kids are really into the Christmas tree and love hanging the ornaments that were given to them as gifts. Get creative and they will remember these forever and appreciate the thought behind them as a Christmas stocking gift.
  7. Word Search/Sudoku books – going away for the holidays? Get your child hooked on word searches or Sudoku to occupy some time on the plane or car ride. Bring back the paper versions and put away the hand held electronics.
  8. Kids Clubs – Sports fan? Our Detroit teams (and local Universities) have awesome Kids Clubs with fun swag and incredible sports experiences. This is a gift that lasts the whole season for Lions, Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers, Spartans, Wolverines, & Golden Grizzlies fans. MORE INFO
  9. SEA Life Michigan MembershipSEA Life Michigan at Great Lakes Crossing offers memberships where you can visit any time you want and get massive discounts for the rest of the family.
  10. Trampolines / Laser Tag Gift Cards – Our favorite places like Urban Air, Paradise Park, MI-Combat, Dave & Busters, GRIT, and more offer FUN access to their locations with gift cards.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer ideas for teens – Let’s face it, at this point teens are a bit tougher to please when it comes to Christmas stockings. Your best bet is to not get too creative, but stick with the items they’d also buy for themselves.

  1. Gift cards to a movie theatre or to Buffalo Wild Wings
  2. Google Play gift card
  3. Sports equipment – if you have a son who plays football, maybe he needs a new mouth guard. A daughter in gymnastics – maybe she needs new tape. Stockings are a great way to keep their high school sports endeavors funded with things they use nearly every day.
  4. Hair accessories – teenage girls have some very specific hair accessories that they use. Find out what they are, and surprise her with some new favorites. A gift card to Sally’s beauty supply is like a toy store visit to a 5 year old.
  5. Deodorants and body sprays – this might be a good time to introduce the idea in a Christmas stocking without the awkwardness. BONUS idea – a really nice razor for leg-shaving or peach fuzz moustaches.
  6. New Smartphone Case – My kids’ cases take a beating and it seems they always need a new one.


Good luck with those stocking stuffer presents and Happy Holidays!

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