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Summer Camp Readiness Tips

Summer Camp Readiness Tips – Goldfish Swim Schools of Metro Detroit has some great tips to get ready for outdoor residential summer camps and summer camps where the kids travel to the lakes and woods!

By now your mailbox and inbox are starting to overflow with information about summer camps ranging from archery to zoology. Your kids are anxiously awaiting the end of the school year and are begging you to enroll them in camp with their best friend. However, before you send them off to Lake Hokeypokey for the week, make sure they are summer camp-ready.

Summer Camp Readiness Tips

Summer Camp Readiness Tips #1Give Them a Swimming Refresher – Start their summer with a refresher course in swim skills, techniques and water safety by enrolling them in a Jump Start Clinic at Goldfish Swim School. If your kids are new to swim lessons, you can rest assured they will learn important safety techniques and the basics of swimming. They will become more confident to take that cannonball off the end of the dock while at camp, and you will feel more assured that they are prepared to be at the lake. If your child is already a fish in the water, a Jump Start Clinic can help fine-tune his or her strokes and even advance to the next level of classes. These daily, 30-minute lessons at the same time with same instructor for one week begin in June, which means your child will be ready right away for all that summer has to offer.

Summer Camp Readiness Tips #2Teach Them About Nature – Kids who go to camp spend countless hours in nature. Make sure that your child knows what plants and animals are unsafe and how to avoid them. Simple rhymes such as “Leaves of three, let it be” can help your kids stay itch free at camp. Remind them that brightly colored animals are often that way to ward off predators and warn them they are poisonous. Don’t forget that Michigan is filled with wild berries. Advise children that they shouldn’t eat anything from the woods unless they talk to an adult about it first.

Summer Camp Readiness Tips #3Create a Way to Connect While at Camp – Even if they don’t want to admit it, children will miss you while at camp. If you want to help them through their homesickness, try making a special stationery kit that they can take with them so they can write you a letter home. Include fun stickers, stamps and colored pencils or fancy pens. As a special surprise, you could order postage stamps with a family photo on them from any number of online sources.

Now that you have your checklist to get your kids summer camp-ready, all you have to do is pick which camp to send them to. That’s really the hard part after all.

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