Back to School Sleep Schedule Tips

Back to School Sleep Schedule Tips – The most difficult aspect of the Back to School season is getting kids to alter their sleep schedules and normalize

their sleep patterns for the upcoming school year.


Back to School Sleep schedule problems begin well before the last week of school when late bed times become more common thanks to longer day light hours, the excitement of the school year coming to an end, spring sports schedules, etc. Sleep schedules really get thrown out of whack when the burdens of school and 6:30a alarm clock disappear for 3 months. Even elementary school kids can fall into the trap of staying up well past 11p during the summer.


So, how do you get your child on a normal Back to School sleep schedule as the summer winds down? Here are some tips I’ve used with great success through the years with my own children…

Back to School Sleep Schedule Tips

  • back down bed times 10 minutes each day for 10 days (or until normal) before the first day of school
  • start setting the alarm clock for back to school wake-up times 5 days before the first day of school
  • take it easy on caffeine
  • avoid heavy eating before bed time
  • avoid all forms of screen-time and media an hour before bed time
  • draw the shades and close the blinds an hour before bed time
  • have your child deep-breathing and other relaxation techniques on their own at lights-out

Remember, sleep patterns are difficult to adjust to – ESPECIALLY for teens whose natural sleep patterns and body clock make it difficult for them to fall asleep before 11p. We tend to associate Back to School time with elementary school-aged children but when it comes to back to school sleep schedules – teens need the most help!

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