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Tapple Board Game Review

Tapple Board Game Review – review and description for Tapple, a family board game for 2 – 8 players. Tapple is recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

Tapple Board Game has proven to be an entertaining game for the entire family!

USAopoly recently sent me some board games for review. USAopoly, Inc. has been creating popular board games since 1994 is a leading game manufacturer offering the world’s best-known games. We were sent five games… Telestrations, Tapple, Treasure Trax, Reverse Charades, and CrossWays.

Tapple Board Game Review – The concept around Tapple is to think of words that fall within a specified category. The catch is, there can be only one answer per letter and you have only ten seconds to come up with it. For example, the category might be “red things.” Players take turns coming up with words that fall in this category – rubies, strawberries, etc. Once a letter is used, it gets “pressed” and the timer is reset for the next player. As players fail to complete this, they are eliminated from the round and the last one standing keeps the card. The first player to reach three cards wins. To make the game longer, you can change the number of cards required for the win.

The cards that come with the Tapple board game are two-sided with one side being easier for younger players and the other a bit more difficult for older players looking for a more challenging game.

The second Tapple board game came out of the box, my kids were loving it. I even felt compelled to jump in. It’s challenging, and it’s tough to just sit back and watch when all you want to do is start yelling out words!

Tapple works off of 2 AA batteries that operate the handy push button 10-second timer. Tapple conveniently comes with a card storage on the bottom side so there’s no need to keep the box. Everything can be put away into the one unit with no extra pieces or anything to lose.

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