TDR Orthodontics Review

TDR Orthodontics Review – Metro Detroit – TDR Orthodontics, has Metro Detroit MI offices in Rochester Hills, Novi, Birmingham, and now Brighton, Michigan.

Tyler Dumas Reyes Specialists in Orthodontics, or TDR Orthodontics, has three great, modern facilities with three reputable,  approachable doctors.


When my son’s permanent teeth began to come in, I knew right away we’d be investing in some braces. Even though he was only 8, I decided to take him to TDR Orthodontics because I heard that TDR is a modern facility that likes to see kids young so they can determine an effective plan.

I expected the whole orthodontist office experience to be different from when I went almost 30 years ago but even I was surprised at how far it has come.

I took my son to the TDR Rochester Hills office for a consultation where the doctor looked at him, and then gave me a rundown of the situation with his suggested plan for my son’s care. The staff was kind, everything was very easy to understand, Jayson felt very comfortable, and we left knowing what the plan would be for us to get Jayson the care he needed.

So how is TDR so different from the rest? First and foremost, they use robotics and a multifaceted software to bring every patient the most effective and efficient care. What kid in braces isn’t just waiting for the day that they come off? At TDR, the care is quicker because it’s way more precise and cuts out the possibility of human error.

They do this with SureSmile, a revolutionary system that allows the doctor to utilize digital imaging and robotics to bend wires instead of a technician doing it. This prevents any over correction, too much movement in one direction, under correction, etc. that comes with a human doing all these steps. I remember the technicians at my ortho’s office marking up a wire with a Sharpie and then bending it with a pair of pliers. This is so far from that.

So where was this process when I needed braces? My roots were worn down from the years of movement (and unnecessary movement) while wearing braces for years. With SureSmile, treatment time is 30-40% percent faster than conventional orthodontic methods, with most patients completing treatment in 9 to 12 months. At TDR, appointments are 20 minutes long, every 6-8 weeks. Patients experience fewer wire changes, adjustments and in-office maintenance visits, while achieving superior results.

Tyler, Dumas, Reyes also offers clear braces, lingual braces (brackets that are placed on the tongue side of your teeth) and Invisalign.

TDR Orthodontics Rochester
950 West Avon, Suite 4
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

TDR Orthodontics Birmingham
2388 Cole Street, Suite 103
Birmingham, MI 48009

TDR – Orthodontics Novi
39500 West 10 Mile, Suite 102
Novi, MI 48375

TDR Orthodontics Brighton
4258 E Grand River
Howell, MI 48843

TDR Orthodontics Review – Metro Detroit

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