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Telestrations Board Game Review

Telestrations board game is the most recent addition to our extensive board game collection. Telestrations resembles Pictionary but is set up as individual play rather than teams.

Here’s how Telestrations is played… Each participant playing Telestrations gets a laminated spiral notebook and a white erase marker. Everyone picks a card. The first player rolls the die. The corresponding number on each person’s card is the item that gets written on the first page of their spiral notebook. Each player then flips the page and passes their book to the person next to them. That person looks back at the word and then tries to draw a picture on the next blank page. They flip the page and pass it to the next person. That person looks at the picture and writes in a guess on the next blank page. This process continues until the book reaches the first person and everyone looks to see if anyone guessed the term correctly based on the drawings.

Then everyone wipes their books clean and goes another round. The spiral books are a cute part of the game and make it simple to follow, so everyone can learn how to play the game instantly. Each page is labeled, e.g. “sketch,” “guess,” etc.

Telestrations board game is not as much a game of keeping score as it is about just having fun. My kids didn’t care about who had the most correct guesses. We just had fun playing the game. We also shared some laughs at the drawings and misundersstandings/interpretations.

There seems to be different versions of the game. The Telestrations board game we have says it’s for ages 12 and up and for at minimum four players. We modified it and played it with three just fine. Plus, my daughter is only ten and she was able to play the game without any issues. I’ve seen other boxes that say Telestrations is for 8+ and some have enough supplies to accommodate 12 players. Maybe the clues are simpler for the 8+ version.

Some of the questions remind me of watching Wheel of Fortune on televsion. You know how sometimes in winner’s circle round of WOF when the puzzle is so difficult or vague that you wonder how anyone on earth would have ever figured it out? That’s how certain Telestrations clues can be… way too vague for anyone to be able to figure out. Overall, we’re really enjoying this game and it has become one of the go-to’s on our family game nights.

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