The Benefits of Strength Training Yoga

The Benefits of Strength Training Yoga – The strength-based yoga philosophy is simple. Incorporate the breathing and stretching techniques of yoga with strength training resistance to enhance flexibility AND build muscle.

As old as it is, it’s amazing to see how hot yoga is today. Yoga has definitely stood the test of time. I attribute this greatly to the benefits achieved through yoga, without the risk of injury you might see with other fitness activities.

Strength training yoga uses isometrics, dynamic resistance, and weight bearing exercises (e.g. plank, push ups, etc.). You can easily adjust the workout to make it easier – and you probably will because it’s a lot harder than you’d think yoga could be.

When Madonna first got into yoga and was flaunting her newly muscular build, I (an avid weight trainer at the time) was hesitant to believe that she could become so muscular from yoga. Recently, I’ve tried it for myself and have been proven wrong.

My back and neck were messed up in an auto accident and I had to reconsider my workout routine. Coincidentally, I got a call from Diamond Dallas Page (former professional wrestler) who told me about his new found love for yoga, and how he has incorporated dynamic resistance and isometrics so he can maintain muscle mass – he hasn’t lifted weights in years! He developed DDP Yoga and released it on DVD’s for in-home yoga workouts.

Strength Training Yoga sounded like a good solution for me. Plus, my husband (also an avid weight lifter) was experiencing some injuries from lifting too much. Father’s Day was around the corner and my husband has a “meditative” side so I thought he would enjoy the DDP DVDs.

My plan backfired – my husband wasn’t ready to give up the weights. So, now I had the strength training yoga DVD’s all to myself. I soon fell in love and was happy to see that I was getting toned once again, without having to lift weights and risk having my back and neck hurt.

I became hooked on strength training yoga since I started the DDP Yoga DVDs. I don’t hit the weights at all any more and I’ve noticed gains in my strength and definite gains in flexibility and endurance. The breathing benefits of the yoga aspect have helped my circulation more than the weight lifting ever has and the strength training yoga is A LOT easier on my joints.

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