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The Blessed Mess Sensory Play

The Blessed Mess Sensory Play review, pics, and info of the subscription company that provides packages (bins), kits, and products that promote sensory play. Blessed Mess Founders are educators and parents that enjoy watching children of all abilities learn through play.


The Blessed Mess offers monthly subscription boxes, sensory tables, and sensory kits designed to stimulate fine motor skills and engage in cognitive exploration. Kits, or bins, are designed to contain hours of fun each month and include seasonal themes throughout the calendar year. The sensory tables offered on their website serve as perfect workstation for kids to explore (and store) their bins from the subscription.

The Blessed Mess Sensory Play Pics

Products offered from The Blessed Mess Sensory Play seem geared for ages 2 through 8, of all abilities but it’s easy to see how special needs educators or parents of children with special needs would take interest in these kits (even if those kids skew up to age 10 or 12). Most bins come brimming with different shaped beads and fun containers to sort. Each box is also filled with fun toys and objects of varying surfaces and textures.


Occupational therapists associated with my son’s Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis stressed the use of tiny toys lodged in therapy putty (like play doh) to help with his fine motor skills. They also promoted the use of common playground sand, beads (and other trinkets) and combining these small items with different containers. Blessed Mess kits provide items like these (and much more) in a kit delivered right to your door and would be quite a beneficial supplement to a child’s Occupational Therapy.

Regardless of ability, boys and girls would love the colorfully arranged bins. There is real thought put into each package and kit’s theme and how that kit will enable growth, education, and FUN.

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