The Muppets Show Cancelled

The Muppets Show Cancelled – UPDATE – The not safe enough for kids, not funny enough for adults Muppets Show has been dropped after 16 weeks to the surprise of no one at Oakland County Moms.

The Muppets Show Cancelled

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The new Muppets show debuted and is causing a stir…well at least among the most conservative groups. The One Million Moms group is getting their petitions started and wants to warn parents that the classic Muppets favorites are no more. The show is now featuring more adult-like topics such as “abortion and promiscuity.” I’d argue the Muppets have always been edgy. ABC, in fact, is not aiming the show at kids. It has brought back the Muppets with intentions to entertain the adults who used to watch the show as kids. So…

That said, I viewed an episode of the new Muppets show to see what all the debate was about. Yes, I am in agreement that the show’s content is not for kids, BUT not from the angle that the One Million Moms is so strongly pushing. Rather, kids would just find it boring. It would be one of those shows that would not hold their attention because there’s nothing child-like about it. Plus, it would be boring because the simple humor is not there. It’s more of a complicated “read between the lines” kind of humor. That’s enough for kids to just walk away.

As far as “adult-like” content is concerned, I did not feel there was anything that was highly inappropriate for kids. This was definitely not a puppet version of Family Guy. Fozzie Bear gets a girlfriend, and Kermit and Miss Piggy break up and experience some rebound relationships. That’s about the extent of what I saw. Maybe there’s more to come?

So, am I concerned that there’s a Muppets show out there that’s not for kids? No. Am I worried that my kids will watch it intently and hear inappropriate messages? No. And, I don’t appreciate the One Million Moms taking such a strong stance on this and trying hard to get the rest of us parents on board to get the show banned. It’s just a waste of everyone’s time.

Personally, I’m not even a fan of the new Muppet Show… but feel no need for it to be banned. In all honesty, I think the show actually failed – on two fronts. It’s not entertaining for kids, and it’s not entertaining for adults either. I just did not find it to be funny. I wanted to, but it wasn’t. I see how ABC is gearing towards our generation’s interests and trying to give us a show that we can enjoy today meanwhile relive a part of our childhood. However, it fell flat for me. I guess I just never felt a desire to see Beaker or Kermit in a real-life situation.

I didn’t think the new Muppets Show was offensive. Worse, I didn’t think it was funny.

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