The Mysteries of Parenting

7-Eleven Pizza

The Mysteries of Parenting – from toilet paper rolls to bad pizza. I’ll just never figure out some aspects of parenting that continue to effect the lives of every day moms.


My kids are way out of the toddler stage. I guess you could say I have some quality mom experience under my belt. I’ve become quite adept with using oxy-clean, goof off and other stain removers. I’ve discovered how much fourth grade math I’ve forgotten over the years. For all that I’ve learned thus far, there are many mysteries of parenting I have yet to unlock.

The Mysteries of Parenting

The Mysteries of Parenting  – Youth Sports Post-Game Snacks – For a nation obsessed with combating childhood obesity, I haven’t figured out the reasons behind the post-game snack “celebrations” after my kids’ youth sports games. When I was little we sucked on a healthy snack of orange wedges at half-time of our youth soccer games and that was the end of it. Now, a youth sports game isn’t a game unless it’s followed by treats. My son doubled to left field, grounded out to third and struck out. Does he really need 2 Capri Suns, Dippin’ Dots, and a bag of Cheetos to replenish?

The Mysteries of Parenting – Kids Love Bad Pizza – I don’t know why kids love cheap pizza. I guess I should be thankful for this. There are so many great pizza places in our area that we enjoy but, in my kids’ eyes, nothing beats a $5 cheese pizza that resembles a cardboard box topped with sauce and cheese.

The Mysteries of Parenting – The DIY Dilemma – Kids like discipline more than they’ll ever let on. I also discovered when I shut off the TV and the video games that they actually enjoy playing board games, going outside and building forts more. So… Why don’t they do those activities themselves without the prompting?

The Mysteries of Parenting – Dedication to Laziness – I don’t think I’ll ever figure this one out. I don’t understand why kids (maybe it’s just MY kids) refuse to make things easier for everyone else in the house (including themselves) by accomplishing the most menial tasks. It’s like they go out of their way to make life inconvenient for everyone else. They often sacrifice their own well-being just to try to pull the wool over my eyes. Cases in point… Changing out the toilet paper roll is seemingly more difficult than Chinese Algebra for my able-bodied children for some odd reason. I’m not sure they’ve ever changed out a roll and I know I’ve shown them how dozens of times. Also, they’d rather leave 1 fluid oz of lemonade in the pitcher than simply finishing it and getting another new carton from the basement. I could go on and on but I’m guessing you get the gist of it.

The Mysteries of Parenting – No More Passion for Fashion – I am extremely grateful for this one too. When I was my kids’ age(s), it was important to dress a certain way. Girls had Forenza sweaters, denim skirts, Jordache jeans, flipped-collar Izod shirts, and a myriad of other must-haves. Guys had parachute pants, Ocean Pacific shirts, and these new sneakers called “Air Jordans”. I thought I had to have a talk with my son when he would roll off the bus wearing the same sweats & a hoodie he seemingly wears every other day. It turns out, all the kids off that bus dressed that way – pajama pants, crew neck sweatshirts, the works. The girls weren’t much better.

Hopefully I’ll master The Mysteries of Parenting one day.

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