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The Roeper School Specialized Programs for Gifted Children

Is your child a gifted student or non-traditional learner? The Roeper School of Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan offers specialized programs in education and athletics for gifted children ages preschool through grade 12.

I’ve been approached by many moms who feel their children may have gifted or exceptional academic abilities. Many have been frustrated by the lack of resources available to determine how to nurture their child’s proficiencies. I caught up with Lisa Bottesi of The Roeper School to learn how the premier school in Michigan for working with gifted students approaches the delicate task of managing their abilities.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – What attributes make up a gifted student?

Lisa Bottesi, Dean of Lower School Admissions, The Roeper School – While giftedness is manifested in many different ways, we find that most gifted students are curious about learning, internally motivated, self-directed and have a high ability to think abstractly. Gifted children seek to understand their experiences, feel comfortable creating, examining and collecting information and often display diverse problem solving skills. They have a concern for others and are passionate about their beliefs.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – What is the admissions process to become a student at Roeper?

Lisa Bottesi, Dean of Lower School Admissions, The Roeper School – Admission to our school is based on a review of many factors, including a gifted IQ test result, strong prior academic performance, positive teacher report, a successful visit to our school, and the student’s ability to enhance our school community. All admissions decisions are made by a committee of Roeper staff members who look for best-fit gifted candidates.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – How does Roeper foster a gifted child’s potential beyond the capabilities of a public school?

Lisa Bottesi, Dean of Lower School Admissions, The Roeper School – Roeper is known for educating the whole child in an emotionally supportive, intellectually engaging environment. Our purpose is to guide students on the journey to becoming discerning, humane, engaged adults. Our goal is to prepare students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the unknowns on our collective horizon. When their intellectual, emotional, ethical and physical needs are cared for, gifted children flourish and become compelling thinkers, compassionate agents, and fulfilled adults. The Roeper School offers a panoramic educational experience that reaches past the scope of college preparation and inspires individuals for life.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – How is the curriculum at Roeper structured in order to accommodate a gifted student?

Lisa Bottesi, Dean of Lower School Admissions, The Roeper School – The Roeper School offers a child-centered, personalized, challenging, active, empowering environment. The curriculum emphasizes conceptual, collaborative and experiential learning opportunities that facilitate specific individual goals. Learning experiences are designed to help students find depth and personal meaning in their studies. The small class size provides opportunities for a highly personalized learning environment where learning styles are understood so that strengths are nurtured and strategies developed between teacher and student to most effectively meet that student’s needs.

Students engage every day with inquiry-driven learning focused around problems, projects and complex questions. Our dedication to diversity not only ensures multiple perspectives, but also enriches decision-making and the search for solutions. We hold process in equal regard with content and promote a nuanced understanding of subjects and a passion for learning. Exploration and personal discovery are essential elements at all levels of our school, and as a result, our students apply information in thoughtful and innovative ways.

A Roeper education is characterized by outstanding and profound student-teacher relationships that foster mutual respect. When children are genuinely offered a voice from young ages, they grow to become adults who will do the same for others. We emphasize the importance of students doing their own thinking and making their own choices both in and out of the classroom, so they become active stakeholders in their education and in their communities.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – What other programs, outside of academics, does Roeper offer to its students?

Lisa Bottesi, Dean of Lower School Admissions, The Roeper School – In addition to their rich classroom experiences, Roeper students have extensive extracurricular and community service opportunities. Lower school activities include: Stage IV mentoring, Jump Rope for Heart, empty bowls, scholastic chess and interscholastic basketball. Middle/Upper School activities include forensics, yearbook, robotics, debate, drama, dance, vocal and instrumental music competitions, The Muse literary magazine and Model United Nations. We encourage students to participate in team sports with a “no-cut” policy. Our athletic program includes soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, track and field, golf and cross-country.

The Roeper School Locations: Lower school – 41190 Woodward Ave. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304; Middle/Upper School – 1051 Oakland Avenue, Birmingham, Michigan 48009
Phone: 248-203-7300; (248) 203-7405
contact email:

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