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There’s A Monster in My Lunchbox Book Review

There’s A Monster in My Lunchbox Book Review- and interview with There’s a Monster in My Lunchbox author Elizabeth Lange Cannella.

Elizabeth Lange Cannella is a Michigan mom and author who just released her first book, a children’s book called There’s A Monster in My Lunchbox.

I interviewed and asked Elizabeth how she became an author. Elizabeth Lange Cannella told me that she has always wanted to write, since High School in fact. But, it was now with her children that she became most inspired to write children’s books.

Elizabeth gave a signed copy of There’s A Monster in My Lunchbox to my kids. I read it to them as soon as they got home from school. There’s A Monster in My Lunchbox is a mystery and my kids were completely into the story, coming up with their own theories and eagerly awaiting to hear how the mystery was solved. We enjoyed the book so much, I asked my children’s teachers if Elizabeth Lange Cannella could come to their school and read it to the children. The book is suitable for kids ages 3-8, so Elizabeth Lange Cannella read There’s A Monster in My Lunchbox to the K-2 grades. The kids loved it. Elizabeth did a very creative presentation before even reading There’s A Monster in My Lunchbox, and she really engaged the children. Here’s video footage from the reading (I stopped it short so I wouldn’t spoil the ending!):

You can purchase There’s A Monster in My Lunchbox or any of her books at,,, and Love Child Boutique in Royal Oak.


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