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Tide Pods Review and Video

Tide Pods Review and Video – review and video of Tide Pods. Tide Pods claim to be a detergent, stain remover, and brightener all in one. Do Tide Pods work on tough stains?

I recently received a sample of the new Tide Pods to review. The new Tide Pods are a soft gel pack that dissolves in any temperature and works in all machine types. Tide Pods even work with front-load washing machines.

I have a front-load washer and wondered how Tide Pods would work with my tray soap dispenser. With the Tide Pods Detergent, you throw it into the washing machine directly with the clothes. You use one pack per laundry load. Tid Pods are easy to use, but do they work?


[vsw id=”2YhbzCu_ti4″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

To perform a true test, I pulled together a pair of my son’s jeans with numerous grass stains, and some clothes that got “riddled” with paint when my kids worked on a craft project.

I did not pretreat the paint spots on the clothes. For the grass stains, I pretreated one leg with a Oxi-Clean gel stick and left the other leg alone.

I ran the load using cold water and all normal settings. When it was done, I checked on the clothes to see how well the Tide Pods Detergent performed. The paint was exactly the same as before the wash. I somewhat expected this because there’s not much out there that gets paint out. With the grass stain, the Oxi-Clean gel stick leg came out clean, however the other leg that was not pretreated still had some grass stain remaining. The Tide Pods Detergent did fade the grass stain better than the powder Tide Detergent I currently use, but it did not make it disappear. Pretreating stains is still needed or the Tide Pods don’t work.

See my video for the direct comparison of un-treated grass stains using Tide Pods versus the pre-treated stain with Oxi-Clean. I hope this Tide Pods review is helpful.

I would say that I loved the fresh scent of the new Tide Pods Detergent. The cost of the new Tide Pods is around $17 for a 62-count pack. Tide Pods are a nice addition to your laundry detergent arsenal but they’d be an even more valuable if the stain-remover portion of the pods were more effective.

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