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Tiny Town Play Lounge Northville CLOSED

Tiny Town Play Lounge Northville Review, pics, and video of Tiny Town Play Lounge on Haggerty in Northville MI. Tiny Town is a child care / children’s play place that mimics an entire town.

The concept of Tiny Town Play Lounge in Northville is a huge room that mimics an entire town, and includes all sorts of “places” to see and things to do. Tiny Town Play Lounge is geared toward children six and under.

Owner, Jennifer Assaf, is a mother of two children ages 4 and 1. She put Tiny Town together using her “mom knowledge,” and even tapping into her 4-year old’s imagination by asking him what types of things he would want to play with. The end result is a colorful play area for children that hones in on imaginative play.

Tiny Town Play Lounge Northville Video

[vsw id=”2S4IOh6WVCU” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Tiny Town Play Lounge Northville Review

At the entrance of Tiny Town Northville , there is a mini boutique with educational toys and things for mom. If you book a birthday party, you will get 20% off items in the boutique for party favors. You’ll also find a healthy snack bar near the entrance of Tiny Town, and beverages for moms and dads, such as Biggby coffee and Tazo tea.

Before entering the child’s play area, everyone removes their shoes. Tiny Town Play Lounge is respecting the little ones who crawl around and maybe put their hands in their mouth after. It’s treated like a home away from home for kids. Tiny Town Play Lounge is sanitized on a daily basis. There’s even a “slobber bucket” if you notice your child has put a toy in his mouth, you can put it in the slobber bucket for cleaning.alt

Other “rooms” in Tiny Town Play Lounge include

  • Tiny Town Glow room with black boards and glow in the dark chalk and black lights
  • Beauty shop at the Tiny Town Couture
  • Tiny Town Playhouse with a doorbell, mailbox and a letter writing station
  • Tiny Town Pet hospital with an operating table, xray machines, operating tools and a light up board for viewing x-rays
  • Tiny Town grocery store with shopping carts and a register
  • Transportation and building area with construction sets and building table
  • Tiny Town Courtyard and park that has a trampoline, slide and a Faux tree with colored lights and bubbles that shoot out
  • Theater with puppets, instruments and bean bags for audience. And a tv so they can see themselves on tv performing
  • For babies there is a padded wall small play area with toys.

Colored floor tires are scattered around Tiny town for kids to learn theirr colors while jumping from tile to tile.

Little cars for children can be used to cruise all around Tiny Town.

There’s lots of dress-up options for kids to have fun with pretend play.

Moms and Dads can sit in the cozy parents area where no matter where you sit, you can see the Tiny Town play area and watch your child. There are tvs and free wifi in the parents area at Tiny Town. Laptop tables also make it easy if you need to get a little work done while the kids play.

Tiny Town Play Lounge also offers Mommy and Me Yoga classes and birthday parties in their private party room. See related posts below for Tiny Town Play Lounge birthday party info.

Tiny Town Play Lounge Northville Pics

Tiny Town Play Lounge
15444 Haggerty
Northville, MI 48170

Tiny Town Play Lounge Hours:
Monday-Saturday 9:30a-6p
Sunday – Private Events Only


Call ahead for groups of 7 or more kids and receive $1 off of admission.

For more info on Tiny Town Play Lounge Northville, visit


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