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Toast Birmingham Restaurant Review

Toast Birmingham Restaurant Review – review and menu info for Toast Birmingham, an upscale restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner AND has a great bar.

Chef Jeff has kept some Toast Birmingham classics/favorites and now the new menu has been announced. I visited a media tasting and was thoroughly impressed with the atmosphere, food, and drinks. I tried all kinds of food and drinks and they were all good. Toast Birmingham is the perfect place for an after work get together to unwind with some great finger foods and some drinks that will have you forgetting about the bad week you had.

The Toast Birmingham atmosphere is very modern, romantic, beautifully decorated and just plain fun.  Casual enough for families, and a great match for the perfect date night. It’s the type of place that is surrounded with an ambiance that lifts your mood!

Toast Birmingham serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. One other positive point that I must mention – All of the poultry, beef and pork served at Toast is Certified All Natural and are free of hormones, antibiotics and steroids.

Toast Birmingham Menu Sample Review

Crispy black truffle risotto balls – I could make a meal out of these. These round deep fried balls are easy to pop into your mouth, so you could put away quite a few pretty quick.
Crispy Shrimp – strangely delicious. Or is that “strange and delicious?” Imagine a sheet of filo dough shredded, wrapped around a shrimp and deep fried. Then top it with a tomato ginger sauce. Hats off to the creativity. Pretty to look at, and even more fun to eat.
Wild mushroom pastry
– another winner. The presentation was amazing and it tasted even better. Wild mushrooms diced and served in a parmesan cream sauce on a pastry.
Smoked salmon with yuzu vinaigrette – I have never liked any smoked salmon I’ve tried. Obviously I’ve never had it where it’s been done right. I don’t know what “yuzu” is, but it was awesome – Unique and so good.
Carnita chicken taco – I was not a big fan of the chicken taco. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but maybe it was just too different and not simple enough for me.

Toast Birmingham Drink Menu Sample Review

Polar Bear – I literally licked the glass clean. It was totally worth it since there was a huge blob of chocolaty goodness melted at the bottom!
Blueberry margherita – a beautiful violet blue color, filled with blueberries, and surprisingly good.
Strawberry basil martini – who would have thought these two things go together? This was an amazing combination.

Toast Birmingham
203 Pierce St,
Birmingham, Michigan 48009
(248) 258-6278

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