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Tomatoes Apizza Farmington Hills Review

Tomatoes Apizza Farmington Hills Review – review of one of my favorite Oakland County pizza places – Tomatoes Apizza on Halsted Rd in Farmington Hills MI.

The Tomatoes APizza Farmington Hills Lunch buffet was an incredible deal – it’s excellent quality at a great price! You get pizza, salad bar, fountain drink, pasta, cheesy breadsticks, and dessert for a very reasonable price.

And Tomatoes APizza is only the best of the best in taste and pizza quality. Usually buffet lunches suck you in with a decent price and than charge you add-ons for drinks, salad and tips. At Tomatoes APizza you get it all and we’re talking gourmet-style, high-end food. You pay up front, then enter the buffet dining area and have at it! It’s a scenario of no limits self-serve heaven.

You can’t even compare it to other pizzas because Tomatoes APizza is in a class all its own. If you put this up against another pizza, it would put it to shame. It’s completely home made with fresh ingredients and it makes all other pizzas taste and look commercial.

Tomatoes APizza is cooked in a coal fire with a distinct taste and a super thin crust that folds easily. All the ingredients are fresh and the sauce and cheese are perfect.

The Tomatoes APizza Farmington Hills salad bar is amazing and so far from typical. This one had fresh romaine greens, and several hearty toppings like grilled chicken, crab meat, homemade crispy flatbread (instead of generic croutons), blue cheese crumbles and so much more. That alone could have been a meal.

Next in the Tomatoes APizza buffet line were the pizzas. Hot and fresh and totally amazing. They must have been cooking like crazy during the lunch rush because they continued to bring out all kinds of pizza – mushroom, pepperoni, bacon, sausage, spinach and mozzarella, tomato and basil, hot peppers, and so much more. It was disappearing as fast as they could bring it out.

After a few minutes of gorging on pizza, they brought out the pasta and breadsticks. The spaghetti was made with a fresh sauce and the breadsticks were made using the same flatbread and lots of garlic and the perfect cheese – wow!

Finally, the Tomatoes APizza dessert came out. It was fresh and hot Piadina. I’m 100% Italian and I’ve never heard of Piadina so I had to stick around and see what it was. It was worth the wait. Piadina is a warm, soft flat bread pocket of dough filled with thick, melted hazelnut chocolate. It reminded me of Nutella, but a thousand times better.

This Tomatoes APizza lunch buffet was SO worth it, I’ll definitely be back.

There are two Oakland County, Michigan locations (both offer the lunch buffet):

Tomatoes APizza Brick Oven
24369 Halsted Road
Farmington Hills, Michigan

Tomatoes APizza Coal Fire oven
29275 14 Mile Rd
Farmington Hills, Michigan

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