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Topz Healthier Burger Grill CLOSED

Topz Healthier Burger Grill Birmingham review. Update: Unfortunately all the Topz Healthier Burger Grill locations in the Metro Detroit Area have closed. I’ll miss the burgers at Topz. If anyone has additional information about a possible new Topz location opening to replace the closed ones, please comment in the section below. Here is my review before it closed…

Topz Healthier Burger Grill is a franchise with 4 Metro Detroit locations. I visited the Birmingham location to review it. The restaurant has an upbeat feel with vibrant colors, and a friendly and fun staff to match!

You order your Topz Healthier Burger Grill food at the counter and when it’s ready, the staff brings it out to your table. There’s more than just burgers to choose from – you can select mini burgers (slider style – beef or turkey), chicken breast or grilled ahi tuna sandwiches, grilled cheese, patty melt, salads, and more. There’s a kids menu as well – Kidz Mealz – that has four options all priced at $3.95. Being in the heart of Birmingham, I went in there feeling like I was going to pay a lot for my meal. I was wrong. All the Topz Healthier Burger Grill menu items were very reasonably priced.

The Topz Healthier Burger Grill burgers come with plenty of toppings…pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, sauce, and your choice of cheese. On the side, I ordered the rings and my husband ordered the fries. Here’s the bonus – they’re baked! And, they taste great! So the health initiative did not end with the hamburgers. I was surprised at much I didn’t miss the traditional oily fries and oily onion rings. Baked fries are the way to go! I thought I would be sacrificing taste in a big way with baked fries and a leaner cut of meat. Instead I got delicious food with a lot less guilt than I would have had chowing down on a traditional bar burger and oily fries.

There is a counter where you can get the fountain drinks and condiments. Here’s where the awesome and unique factor comes in. There are flavored syrups (vanilla, chocolate, cherry and lemon lime) that you can add to your soda to give it a unique taste; suggested combos are displayed to make tasty drinks. The condiments are also fun. My Topz Healthier Burger Grill favorites were the garlic ketchup and garlic mayo.

Overall, nothing tasted lo-cal so I was very impressed. The Topz Healthier Burger Grill burgers had a great flame grilled taste and were very juicy. We found a table tent card that explained how the burgers are healthy. Basically, they are made using certified Piedmontese beef. Piedmontese cattle have superior genetics that make their meet naturally lower in fat and more tender than ordinary beef. There are no by-products, antibiotics, or added growth hormones.

Topz Healthier Burger Grill
327 Hamilton
Birmingham, Michigan

Topz Healthier Burger Grill Metro Detroit Locations
Troy – 1937 W. Maple Rd. 248-655-5200
Auburn Hills – 4438 Baldwin Rd. 248-230-3062
Novi – 27500 Novi Rd. 248-347-2820

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