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Toss Up Game Review

Toss Up Game Review – review of the game Toss Up!, a dice game for kids ages 8 and up that can fit in your pocket and travel anywhere.
Everything about this game is convenient and fun. Toss Up! is a dice game that can fit in your pocket, travel anywhere, is super easy to learn, is thoroughly entertaining and only costs about $7.

Toss Up game is played with 10 small dice that have colored sides. One side is red, and the rest are green and yellow. The object of Toss Up! is to be the first to reach 100 points.

You earn points in Toss Up! for every die you roll that shows up green. Set the green dice aside, and you can stop and take your points, or you can continue to roll and earn more greens. But if you roll a red with no greens or yellows also rolled, you lose all the points you earned in that turn. So, the game is filled with taking risks and knowing when to stop. It’s fun to watch the personality types of kids shine through playing Toss Up! and it’s great to see a game that teaches risk/reward scenarios.

Toss Up game is for 2 to 6 players, and suggested for ages 8 and up. But, my 7 year old daughter can play Toss Up! easily and has beaten us on more than one occasion!

You can find Toss Up! on or I hope you find this Toss Up game review helpful.

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