Toy Recommendations for Special Needs Children

Toy Recommendations for Special Needs Children – Millions of parents, grandparents, and other family members struggle to find the best gifts and toys for children with special needs. Over 6.2 million children live with disabilities, accounting for 13.2% of the child population.

I was asked to demonstrate gift ideas for kids with special needs on WJBK (Fox2) a couple of years ago and I’ve updated this list and added a few more popular toys for children with specials needs. These toys are designed for young children with Down’s Syndrome, Autism and other developmental disabilities and encourage communication skills as well as social stimulation.


Just in time for holiday shopping – here are some gift ideas and toy recommendations for special needs children

My Keepon® (from Wow! Stuff) – Children with developmental disabilities including Down syndrome and autism enjoy playing with toys that encourage them to act out real life situations and interacting with toys.

  • This little yellow robot has BIG personality!  My Keepon craves attention and reacts to your touch.  It also listens to music, detects the beat and dances in perfect rhythm.
  • My Keepon is based on its “cousin” Keepon® Pro, a research robot being used to study social development and autism.  Keepon Pro danced its way to YouTube fame with millions of people watching, which had fans asking for their very own Keepon.
  • My Keepon’s cute appearance and expressive movements can be engaging for children of all ages with or without special needs, but the toy is not designed to be therapeutic.  However, every My Keepon® toy purchase will help create Keepon® Pro robots and further autism research.
  • Available exclusively at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online. here.
  • Ages: 6+

Real Construction Action Playset  – Role Play and Development Disabilities

  • This Real Construction Action Playset is motorized to bring real construction creations to life.
  • Simulates Role Play and Stimulation
  • With this Real Construction Action Playset your child can imagine it, build it, then play it!
  • Ages 5+ available at all major retailers

Shake it Up! From GrandCamp – Role Play and Development Disabilities

  • A great game and activity for kids of all disabilities—especially special for the hearing impaired
  • Shake It Up! encourages kids to bond with friends and family members using their hands.
  • Shake It Up! helps kids build their own secret handshakes, a fun way of encouraging active interaction.
  • Enjoy these fun games at home, on vacation, or anytime you’ve got a few minutes and free hands. Available at

The SENSEsational Alphabet Book and Cards – Vision Impaired, Hearing Impaired

  • Completely interactive ABC picture book focusing on integrated sensory methods to learning. This enables all children, regardless of their strengths or weaknesses, to develop fundamental communication skills.
  • Incorporates visual stimuli, movement, touch, smell, sound, Braille and Sign language, with each page having a unique feature.
  • A portion of proceeds is donated to children’s charitable organizations and educational facilities across America.
  • Perfect for parents, teachers and therapists. A great gift for all children, both typical and special needs.
  • Available at

FyrFlyz – Developing motor skills, hearing impaired

  • FyrFlyz is the revolutionary new spinning toy that puts the power to create a spectacular light show in kids’ very own hands.
  • Simply by swinging the connected two strings and applying tension or allowing slack, kids create a continuous movement (figure eights, rings, etc.).
  • Kids can spin their FyrFlyz to create a wide array of tricks: they can turn them sideways to create slick Sydwynders, pull tight to create whizzing Black Holes or loosen the strings to make Shooting Stars – the more they spin, the more unique their tricks.
  • As kids develop their skills, there are no boundaries to what their imaginations can create.
  • $9.99/8+
  • You can find FyrFlyz at local retailers.

FOX 2 SEGMENT – Toy Recommendations for Special Needs Children

Visit for more Toy Recommendations for Special Needs Children.

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