Toy Safety Tips for Christmas

Toy Safety Tips for Christmas – The Consumer Products Safety Commission has released toy safety tips to help shoppers find fun (AND SAFE) holiday toys for children this Christmas season.


Toy Safety Tips for Christmas

Is the Toy Age Appropriate? Smaller children tend to use toys above their age range for things other than what it’s used for and this causes accidents!

Does the Toy Have Small Parts? Small plastic pieces and removable parts are dangerous choking hazards

Don’t Forget the Safety Equipment – You bought a child a hoverboard, scooter, bicycle, or tricycle. Did you remember the appropriate pads or helmet that should go with it? Always include safety equipment for toys of that nature.

NO Magnets – Magnets swallowed can be fatal! Between 2002 and 2011, there were 22,500 cases of emergency room visits among children under 21 due to magnets (source)

Also, be careful of small toys with tiny button batteries. These can be removed from the toy and swallowed if it isn’t properly locked into the toy. Button batteries are now common in remote controls, small electronic games and toys, calculators, even LED lit shoes.

CPSC Safety Tips Video

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