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Trader Joes High Fiber Pasta Review

Trader Joes High Fiber Pasta Review – review, cost info, and nutritional info for Trader Joe’s penne pasta. Any method that allows me to consume my daily fiber content, and that doesn’t taste like tree bark – gets a warm welcome from me.


I found Trader Joes high fiber penne pasta and thought I would give it a try. This high fiber pasta boasts 6g of fiber per serving compared to the traditional 2g of fiber per serving.

My first attempt at making the pasta was a disaster and ended up in the trash. I left it in the pot after its cooking time while I finished up the sauce, and that’s a no-go with this pasta. While a traditional pasta can tolerate a little over-cooking, the TJs high fiber pasta turned mushy and tasteless much quicker than traditional pasta.

I tried it a second time and literally yanked the high fiber pasta off the stove the second the 6-minute timer went off. This made the world of a difference. I topped it with my homemade alfredo sauce and noticed no difference between this high fiber pasta and the regular pasta.

Trader Joe’s High Fiber Penne Pasta Ingredients

enriched durum wheat semolina, oat fiber, niacin, ferrous lactate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid.

I paid $1.69 for the 16 oz (1 lb) package.


Outside of the pasta being a bit finicky in terms of cooking time… the texture and taste had all the same properties of cooking your other favorite pastas. Plus, when was the last time pasta had any sort of a health benefit? I really enjoy the fiber punch this pasta packs. It really cuts down on the guilt associated with eating it.

I recommend checking out the Trader Joes website for great recipe ideas in which to use this pasta (and all of their products).

For more info on Trader Joe’s High Fiber Pastas, visit

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