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Trader Joes Potato Chips Review

Trader Joes Potato Chips Review – review and direct comparisons to Trader Joes Potato Chips and Lay’s Potato Chips. If you’re looking for a basic potato chip, i.e. not flavored, not rippled, etc. – just the closest thing to a Lay’s potato chip, Trader Joe’s has it and for a heck of a lot cheaper.

How does Trader Joes potato chips compare in cost and taste with leading brands like Lay’s potato chips?

I always refused to buy Lay’s potato chips unless they were on sale. Regular price runs $4.29/ 10oz bag. Meijer’s always runs BOGO promos or discounted pricing and I’d hold out for the deals, unless we were all out.

Trader Joe’s sells basic potato chips for $1.99/bag for a 10oz bag! There is little difference is taste or quality than any other potato chip brand, including the leading Lay’s potato chip leading brand. And, they only have three ingredients…potato, salt and sunflower oil.

For us, there’s no reason to go back to Lay’s potato chips. Even with the best sale price, the Trader Joe’s potato chips are cheaper and very comparable when it comes to taste.



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