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Ultra Thin Tek Gear Winter Coat Review

Ultra Thin Tek Gear Winter Coat Review – Review of Tek Gear winter coats and jackets. Tek Gear is a sporting goods brand commonly found at Kohl’s department stores and offers athletic gear with prices much cheaper than Nike and Under Armour.

I had my eye on the Under Armour Infrared thin coats and jackets by since the beginning of the winter season. I held off due to the high cost. I loved the idea of wearing a nice trim coat that I didn’t look like I was swimming in. I’m pretty petite so it doesn’t take much for a coat to look bulky. But, I could not justify spending $200-$300 dollars.

I decided to wait until the Under Armour winter clearance season to see what kind of deals I could find. Unfortunately, all that was left was larger sizes and the funkiest of color combinations. I was still leaning toward the Under Armour Infared coats and jackets. I love Under Armour products (high prices & all) and I had tried on several and love how they fit.

My husband suggested I try out Kohl’s. I lucked out and found a Tek Gear coat that was on clearance and I had a 20% off coupon. The final price came to about $32. I knew it wasn’t Under Armour, but it was no big risk at that price so I went for it.

The Tek Gear winter coat is very form fitting and incredibly comfortable. Its slim design makes it easy to wear. I never feel bulky and over layered. It feels like I’m wearing a shirt outside, which is a great thing since one of my biggest complaints about winter was the bulky outerwear.

Not only is the Tek Gear winter coat form fitting, comfortable, and non bulky, but I can honestly say, it fulfills its claims of being incredibly warm. I have never been this warm in a winter coat! I am the kind of person who is always cold so this coat has me very impressed. I have shoveled snow and never got cold. I think it has something to do with being so close to my body. It truly holds the heat in. It’s like the heat that would normally be escaping my body is rebounding off the jacket and back towards my body. Tek Gear’s thin coats held up very well in fit & feel to the Under Armour Infared jackets I’ve tried.

I am so happy with the Tek Gear winter coat, and surprised that this brand performed so well. I really didn’t know what to expect since it was not one of the major sports brands. I will definitely be checking out some other items in the Tek Gear label – especially when considering how highly priced Under Armour gear is.

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