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Are You Using Pokemon Go to Get Your Kids Outside?

Pokemon Go has come alive to be played in the real world, and I’m seeing how many families are using this as an opportunity… 1 – to encourage the kids to get out of the house and be active, and 2 – for some quality family fun time.

Although we have been strong proponents of summer time with no media until after 6pm, this is where I MIGHT find an exception to our rule.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go will get our kids outside, most likely working together, maybe meeting new kids, and exploring areas on their bikes. Wow… kind of sounds like my own childhood, but with the use of an electronic device/app. Sure, encouraging kids to be active via a video game has been happening since Nintendo and I used to love my Wii Fit. But Pokemon Go is actually GETTING KIDS OUT OF THE HOUSE on nice days during the summer! Even Pitfall couldn’t do that :)

I’m not complaining… I’m thrilled for everyone for this new opportunity. Finally! A video game that serves a purpose. I love the possibility of our kids making new friends, being outside and enjoying their summer break the way they should be – outdoors, and working together as a team while playing outside. Notice, I keep saying “outside.” This is what summer is all about. This is our chance to bring back the days of “Come home when the street lights come on.”

The Pokemon Go app is set up pretty intricately and creatively. It keeps everyone interested, motivated, and having a good time… for hours. It’s an answer to parents’ summertime prayers!

The app says it is age appropriate for 10+ and asks for your birthdate when signing up. But, I would think it’s something parents can do with their kids of even younger ages.

I’m glad the media warnings about Pokemon Go are being heard so parents can be involved with the gameplaying process. Remember to never look for characters in private places and to use sound judgement. I feel a lot better playing Pokemon GO WITH my kids instead of just turning them lose not sure where they are taking off to on their bikes.

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