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Verizon Imagio Review

Verizon Imagio Review – Review of the Imagio smartphone by Verizon Wireless. The Imagio is a Verizon Wireless smartphone that is suitable to a large audience, including kids!

My kids love (and are pleasantly occupied) by the V Cast Mobile TV and V Cast Video offered on the Imagio. The Mobile TV offers up a few different channels and is as close to live TV as possible. We were stuck in the No Haz line for over an hour recently and the Imagio was a life saver! And the screen on the Imagio is huge so it’s great for even two people to view the TV! There’s even a little kickstand on the back of the Imagio that you pull out so you can have the phone stand up on its own while watching the TV or videos.

When I first got the Imagio to trial, I loved the neat little set up wizard that guides you through the set up of your email, visual voice mail, ringtone, and all those other things you need to set up when you get a new phone. Typically you’d spend a great deal of time going through several different screens trying to take care of it all and remember what needs to be done. Here, it’s much easier. You can also go back and forth and make changes in the middle of it, and there’s a direct link to the setup wizard under the start menu just in case you get turned around.

The Imagio is kind of heavy, but other than this adding a bit of weight to my purse, I actually kind of like it. The Imagio feels solid and sturdy. I think it would actually be more difficult to navigate and text with something that was feather light. Also, the back of the phone is partially covered in a matte-black soft-touch finish, which gives it a comfortable feel in the hand. Kind of like a non-slip grip.

I think Verizon Wireless has done a good job with the touch screen/phone process. For example, when talking on the Imagio, the screen blacks out so you don’t accidentally press anything with the side of your face. But, if you are prompted to press a number or if you are getting another call coming through, the screen reappears once you pull the Imagio away from your ear.

I love to tether! I have a laptop that I take everywhere. It’s very convenient (and easy to start up) to have my phone dual as my internet connection. And, I don’t know for sure how it does it, but you can tether all day with this thing and the battery never runs out. I am guessing it is powered by the USB cable that goes into the computer???

The Imagio has a 5 mega pixel camera. It’s pretty impressive, and definitely useful. I prefer it over my digital camera when out and about at events with the kids. I don’t even hesitate about using the Imagio camera to take pictures of the kids while at events or functions. The quality is there for it to be a keepsake!

I hope this Verizon Imagio Review is helpful.

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