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Verizon Ozone Review

Verizon Ozone Review – review of the Verizon Ozone phone. Review of features, performance, and putting the phone through the paces.

I tried out the Ozone by Verizon and here is my review. It’s really my kind of phone. The keypad on Ozone was probably the biggest attraction for me. It’s easy to use and I like that it is a QWERTY right on the front of the phone. I like the keys and screen together. Texting is very easy with Ozone, flipping through the menu is easy. I tried out a phone previously to this one that used a stylus and I did not like that much. It took too long to do anything.

I also love the “go back” key on Ozone that allows you to go back to your previous screen; much better than being stuck where you left off, or starting over! All the key functions of the phone are very useful and logical. I found it easy to learn, and it was not frustrating or difficult at all. For having a lot of features, this is important.

Email was easy to set up. I set up three AOL accountson Ozone and two outlook accounts (yes, I have too many email accounts). It’s also easy to flip from one to the next.

Visual voice mail is really neat on Ozone.  It’s like a combination of email and voice mail. You go to a page that lists all the voice mails, kind of like looking at your list of emails received. Then, you click on one to listen to it.  You don’t have to listen to all the messages to get to the one you want to hear.  And, they are all saved there until you delete them. Very handy.

Love the tether function. I like being able to take my computer with me wherever I go and having internet access. It’s a simple process of plugging the Ozone phone into the computer. It took a few steps and some support help to get the software/hardware set up, but once that was done, it’s easy!

There were nice touches to the phone that made Ozone a convenient device.  The backing is a rubber like surface (vs. hard, slippery plastic) that made it nice to hold and easy to text. The screen is a decent size and very clear. It’s nice for viewing pictures, navigation, everything! The Windows Start button on Ozone opens the main menu and is very easy to follow and select what you’re looking for.

The number buttons are function keys on other letter buttons. This was a little tough to get used to, and it will certainly prevent you from dialing while driving.

I loved the Navigator as well.  I have been doing a lot more venturing out, and this feature has helped a lot.  I would recommend the car adaptor. One trip was 1.5 hours and even though the battery was just charged, we went right through it and had no battery life left to get back home!

The camera works well.  So well, in fact, that I became a twitpic addict.  I have been attending and covering many events for OCM and it is very convenient to have this phone. I take a pic, sign onto, upload, write a quick message and hit send.  Loads of fun!

I am looking forward to my next trial phone to review, the Imagio. I hope you found this Verizon Ozone Review helpful.

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