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Verizon Palm Pixi Review

Verizon Palm Pixi Review – review and video demo of the Verizon Palm Pixi phone. The name of this phone completely suits its style. The Palm Pixi by Verizon is small enough to fit nicely in your palm, and is pixi cute! But aside from being adorable, it’s functional, too, and in many EASY ways. Verizon Palm Pixi:

For example, if you’re trying to find a certain function on Palm Pixi by Verizon, like the camera, just start typing in the letters C-A-M… and the phone goes right to the camera function!

If you need to magnify the screen size, you can do a simple zoom in/pinch out where you take your pointer finger and thumb pinched, tap on the screen and open your fingers while still touching the screen. Do the reverse to decrease the size.


[vsw id=”jdMyqaRKDjE” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Texting on Palm Pixi by Verizon is easy with the QWERTY keys. The only thing that is somewhat difficult is that the Palm Pixi by Verizon is so small and light, it is sometimes difficult to hold onto really well. It does have a nice soft backing though that is good for gripping.

Probably my favorite feature on the Palm Pixi by Verizon is how easy it is to close a window. You simply minimize it and then drag if off the screen. You can have multiple windows open at the same time and switch between them.

The battery life of Palm Pixi by Verizon is average. I’d definitely recommend a car charger and recharging it each night. I used it as my business phone one day and it was half way through the battery before 2:00pm rolled around. And, I had not even done any texting or checking emails. It was just phone calls.

There are a instructions that come with the Palm Pixi by Verizon of course, but if you’re like me, you prefer to just play with the phone and figure it out as you go along. With this phone, that’s not too far from reality. Once you get the basics down, many of the features are easy to figure out.

I love Twitter and I love to twitpic when I am out and about. When using Twitter, I prefer to have the version as it appears on my computer. With Palm Pixi by Verizon, you are given the option to view in Mobile or Standard mode. A nice feature indeed! The only problem I had was that it froze once I chose the standard mode. Also, I tried to twitpic but could not upload a photo so I chose the “email” method and it would show up only with the attached picture and not the text I input.

I love emailing with my phone when I can’t be near a computer. Palm Pixi by Verizon has been the most convenient from that aspect. You can view all (I have 5) of your email accounts at the same time, or separately if you want. I love being able to see all my emails together.

The camera has a flash. I thought it was pretty good quality as well. I took some pics in a restaurant that did not have the best lighting and this little camera made up for it.

When you download a new app from the App Catalog to Palm Pixi by Verizon, it automatically appears in the launcher. You don’t have to find it, install, or move it to the right place.

I liked using the memos. I type up to-do lists and then email them to myself for when I get home. I always like to think that I will remember something that I thought of when I was out and about, but the truth is, I never do. So, I’ve become quite reliant on the quick memo feature. This holds true for the task list as well. If I need to make a phone call or add something to the grocery list, I put it on the task list and check it off when I’m done. What’s different with the task list is that it is just that, a list with check boxes. I don’t think this one can be emailed, so you need to remember to look at the list for it to be effective. Maybe I will use the memo feature to remind me to do that:).

Overall, the Palm Pixi by Verizon is a good combination of easy, yet multi-featured. It’s my kind of phone since it does not overwhelm me, has conveniences, and has the features I’m looking for. Downsides: short battery life and some glitches with the system that had me restarting the Palm Pixi by Verizon and there, e.g. it will get stuck or freeze like an old computer, or it will just run really slow. Another resemblance to an old computer is how long it takes to turn the phone on. It’s like booting up an old system.

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