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Watching Soap Operas for Comic Relief

Watching Soap Operas for Comic Relief – The days of the soap opera have faded from their 1970s glory but they’re still incredibly entertaining to watch for the giggle factor.

Watching Soap Operas for Comic Relief

First, I need to set the record straight… I do not watch soap operas and I’m not judging those that do! However, being that I work at home, there has been a time or two when I’m watching the news and the programming changes over to a soap opera and I’m nowhere near a remote, and I’m too busy to get up. I typically only have the TV on for background noise anyway, so I just go on with my busy day and tune it out.

Just because I’m not a fan of soap operas doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate that many do. Far be it for me to criticize someone’s entertainment… I watch my fair share of geek television shows that have zero cultural merit. When my husband makes fun of me for watching “Dancing With The Stars” or “E! Red Carpet” I’m quick to laugh along while I volley geek insults about his shows about Fantasy Football or Bigfoot. I can take it and I can dish it out. Please, soap opera fans, don’t take this personally.

The other day, I was working hard on a big project. It was one of those projects that you need to look away from every now and then for sanity’s sake. And, wouldn’t you know it, it was during the soap opera hour. Yes, I glanced up and was greeted by pure ridiculousness. It was so extreme, it had me thinking… what would soap operas look like if they were meant to portray real life?

So, here are some odd things I noticed on the soap opera, along with my thoughts on what you’d see in real life instead.

Watching Soap Operas for Comic Relief #1 Everyone has strange names – In real life, you don’t often see such extraordinary, strange names like Palmer, Hunter, Greenlee, Cortland, Bo, Clint, Schuyler, Oliver, etc. You’d see a Mike here and there, or a Michelle, Kristen, John, Jennifer… you get the point. These soap opera names are about as outrageous as porn stars’ stage names.

Watching Soap Operas for Comic Relief # 2 Nobody has a job, unless of course they work in a hospital – I guess the focal point of a soap opera has to be a hospital so you can harness all that high drama. But, if the show took place in a real world, you’d see Bob heading off to work at the office with a paper bag lunch in tow, ready to get in about two fights with his boss, wrestle a paper jam in the copier, and go to at least two meaningless meetings.

Watching Soap Operas for Comic Relief #3 There’s lots of formal wear – Yes, in real life, there be a lot less suits and dresses and a lot more sweat pants, especially if nobody had a job. The women on soap operas are always dressed to the nines. I would find myself in that kind of dress, and accessorized with that kind of jewelry when I’m dressing for a wedding. It’s everyday wear for these women. And, the beautiful gowns and dresses these women wear everyday at home all seem to wind up in a heap on the bedroom floor anyways which leads me to sex.

Watching Soap Operas for Comic Relief #4 People stay in bed and have sex ALL DAY – In reality, you’d see couples squeezing in quickies or complaining about being too tired. And, here we go again, you can’t stay in bed all day – unless, of course, you have no job. It’s also incredible that in sexual bedroom scenes that men seem to be able keep the bed sheets pulled up to their waist while the women, in the same bed mind you, have the sheets perfectly pulled up over their boobs. If you ask me, that’s a 400 thread count miracle.

Watching Soap Operas for Comic Relief #5 – All the guys have chiseled pecks and abs – I’m sure the average guy in real life would love to be all cut up. But, he’s not. He’s too busy working and taking care of his home and family. Maybe he could spend more time in the gym if he didn’t have a job. But, realistically speaking, you’d see more beer guts and Kardashian-sized back ends.

Watching Soap Operas for Comic Relief #6 – Brown Liquores – I’ve been to many homes and I’ve never seen this one. These people have to have their serving set all ready to go so they can pour themselves a hard drink at any time of the day. If this were a portrayal of real life, we’d see people walking around with plastic water bottles and cans of Coke. Unless you’ve got a problem, who pours themself a hard drink in the middle of the day? And again, why aren’t you working?

Watching Soap Operas for Comic Relief #7 Death Doesn’t Mean Death – That’s right, this is the story of nine lives. Don’t know how they do it, but just when you think you lost them, you run into them a few days later, and all is well. In real life, when you die… you really die.

So, these are just a few of my observations… all taken from watching a mere few minutes of a soap opera I don’t even know the title to. Do you like watching soap operas for comic relief?

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