What About A Lady Jane’s for Women?

What About A Lady Jane’s for Women? – Women’s relationships with their hair salons vary greatly. I love the style and cut I receive at the trendy salon I frequent in Downtown Rochester. My salon is a prototypical salon, the same you’d expect to see in any community in Oakland County (some scenarios below don’t necessarily apply to my salon). However, I wonder what the experience would be like if the salon was a bit different.

What About A Lady Jane’s for Women?

I might be on an island here… but, what does the salon experience mean to women? All women have is the option of either a low-end dumpy salon or a high end (sometimes too high end) salon, with a few options in between. When I go to a low-end salon, I feel like I’m at a Bo-Rics. When I go to a high end salon, there can be feelings of insecurity or like I’m being judged somehow. Call me paranoid, but I’m not there to get upsold on product or additional services. I don’t feel like I need the faux-lavish perks, the decked out gossipy stylists, or trendy for the sake of it music that is supposed to make me feel like I’m a queen, yet somehow feels plastic and fake. Maybe I just don’t need the pampering? I wish the salon experience was more laid back and, dare I say, fun.

Ready to laugh? What if a woman’s salon experience was in some ways similar to a “for females” version of Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men? What About A Lady Jane’s for Women? I’m talking about the experience. NO! I’m not talking about cheesy Thunder Down Under male hotties cutting women’s hair! Clearly we, as women, cringe and laugh a little when we see the Lady Jane’s ads. But, clearly Lady Jane’s is doing something right beyond the touted young women offering cheap haircuts. I’ve been to Lady Jane’s myself and saw some perks I wouldn’t mind in a salon experience for the girls.


What might be interesting is if someone opened a salon that resembles a mom cave and offered a relaxed, non-judgmental, be yourself kind of place, i.e. Lady Jane’s without the overtly cheesy man candy. Who says I wouldn’t enjoy watching a little TV while waiting for my stylist? Or, showing up in sweats with my hair in a ponytail before getting it cut? And wouldn’t a fun modern salon be pretty cool? Throw me some cozy leather lounge chairs in the waiting room, stylists that wear whatever they want, and wine, beer, or better yet, a margarita machine. I can hit the computer station while I wait for my color to set, or just relax with a drink. Make the environment laid back and casual. I can laugh all I want at the Lady Jane’s commercials, but the salon itself is pretty darn simple, fun and casual. What About A Lady Jane’s for Women?

Sign me up if someone comes out with a Lady Jane’s Salon for Women.

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