What’s Your Idea of Relaxation?

What’s Your Idea of Relaxation? I don’t enjoy spa retreats. A spa trip may be right for many moms, but I can’t say it works for me. I like to relax in different ways.

What’s Your Idea of Relaxation?

When thinking of what might be the perfect gift for a mom, many quickly conclude a day at the spa. What could be better than a day of relaxation away from the family? A perfectly planned much needed break filled with pampering does a body good.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the spa experience! Who doesn’t love a fantastic massage? However, for some reason, I don’t come back all rejuvenated and better able to tackle the world. Instead, I almost come back more stressed out that the “life” I just left at the spa is far from my reality. I should be able to move seamlessly from one to the next, and to totally appreciate the experience, but I don’t.

Maybe it’s because I come home to work, noise, mess, stress, whatever… and the transition is a bit shocking to my system. I don’t want it to seem as though I am complaining. My kids are great kids and my husband is a wonderful person. But, let’s face it – life is challenging. It’s not “a day at the spa.”

So, if I had to choose my “spa” experience, I would pick something that was relaxing but something that can realistically fit into my every day. I have found three different things that have been my haven…yoga, music, and reading.

Things I Prefer to Relax in lieu of “a day at the spa”

Yoga – Yoga is a complete escape for me. And, it carries over into my day. I feel stronger, confident and relaxed.

Music – When I play the piano (I’m trying to teach myself some songs), I get lost in it. I can sit down for 15 minutes each day and be totally engaged with it. The stress floats away from me while I’m in the moment.

Reading – What a great way to end a stressful day – reading a good book. I can “turn off” my day, and read about someone else’s.

My Motorcycle – I tripped into this one when my husband went full “mid-life crisis” and bought a motorcycle. Sure, I loved riding on the back… but I soon realized I wanted to ride one myself. So, I learned how to ride and now we ride together. I truly enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of cruising around and the freedom of riding on the open road.

The best part about these three things is that they help me in a healthy kind of way. Yoga is great for me physically, music is good for the brain, and reading is educational. And, all of these activities set a good example for my kids. They are all something I like to see them do more of.

So, what’s your “spa”? What’s Your Idea of Relaxation?

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