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Wheel of Fortune Wii Review

Wheel of Fortune Wii Review – review of Wheel of Fortune for Nintendo Wii and how it compares to other Wii game show video games.
I bought Wheel of Fortune for the Nintendo Wii for my son for Christmas. He’s a big fan of game shows and game show video games. The price was right. I picked it up for $15 and I didn’t view the purchase as wasteful as a shoot-em-up video game.

In the past, I’ve reviewed other “game show” video games (Family Feud for Wii, Million Dollar Pyramid for Wii). Game show video games offer mildly educational benefits of puzzle solving, turn taking and strategy in a video game atmosphere more conducive to family fun than other types of video games. I view game show video games more far more interactive than the television shows themselves!

I definitely have to watch the “screen time” with my kids when it comes to video games. You could argue that some video games like Wheel of Fortune have trace amounts of redeeming educational value. Wheel of Fortune for Wii involves all the hangman-type puzzle solving and risk-reward lessons the show offers.

Wheel of Fortune for Wii, unlike other game show video games I’ve reviewed, plays exactly like the Wheel of Fortune game show! Toss-up puzzles, bonus rounds, prize puzzles are all there. Wheel of Fortune even has faux banter going on between Pat Sajak and the contestants. Wheel of Fortune has many added features and bonuses that unlock the more you win.

Wheel of Fortune for Wii has 4 different levels of game play but even the easy levels will be difficult for young players who may not know pop culture references or geographical landmarks in many of the puzzles. I wouldn’t recommend it for a child under the age of 9. While Wheel of Fortune plays exactly like the show, it tends to move slowly due to numerous title screens to flip through and slow banter. It takes about a half-hour to complete one game (the same amount of time as a Wheel of Fortune TV episode).

If you’ve ever watched Wheel of Fortune and screamed at the TV because you couldn’t believe how the contestants screwed up, Wheel of Fortune for Wii offers a chance to test your game show skills! I hope this Wheel of Fortune Wii review is helpful.

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