When Your Kids Surpass You

When Your Kids Surpass You – It’s strange to see my children capable of doing something better than I can. I had no idea it could happen this soon.

It is always said that parenting is one of the most difficult jobs you will ever have, albeit the most rewarding. One major reason for why it’s so difficult is because children are dependent on their parents in so many ways for so many years.


When Your Kids Surpass You

Watching kids grow from the moment they are born, we’re called upon to help them on a daily basis. Whether it be holding their hands as they take their first steps or helping them with their homework, parents are the adults – i.e. the stronger, smarter, wiser ones – that guide children on their path in life.

Somehow I thought that this role would continue until my kids had kids of their own, and I’m sure it will in some ways. But, even at the ripe ages of 14 and 12, I’m seeing ways in which my kids are surpassing me in certain areas. Isn’t it a sense of pride when your kids surpass you?

When my daughter first showed signs of interest in gymnastics, I took her outside and showed her some moves on our front lawn. We would practice cartwheels, roundoffs, back walkovers and more for hours. She loved it. Because she had such a strong interest, I signed her up for a gymnastics class. Within two months, she had learned more and developed skills that had her doing all kinds of bends and flips that I couldn’t even imagine doing (now or then). I practice Yoga daily and, back in the day, I was a collegiate cheerleader and here’s my daughter just kicking my butt!

We bought our son a guitar for his 8th birthday. It was a slow start to say the least. My husband is the guitar player in the house, and I know a few chords myself. I would sit down with my son and show him chords and we would plink around on the guitar making and teach him chords. We would make up songs by putting chords in sequences. This went on for a while until we signed him up for School of Rock when he turned 11. It wasn’t that my husband couldn’t have taught him, it was just that this setting was fun for him. So, within months, my son could play guitar well beyond my abilities. He’s not at my husband’s level yet, but I watch what he does and how he can memorize so many songs, and I’m in awe.

I can also see that educationally, kids are learning things at an earlier age. With my son in middle school, I know the time will come (quite soon) when helping him with his homework will require some refreshers on my part.

So, yes, I’m at the point where my children can teach me a few things. I’m proud of their achievements and I’m guessing it’s quite a pleasant surprise for all parents when these days and events occur. It also keeps me on my toes. I’ve now dusted off the guitar that I set down for too long, and I’ve added some stretching and gymnastics moves to my workout routine. It’s great when your kids surpass you, but that doesn’t mean you have to go down without a fight!

Life is good, and it’s ever-changing. I try to go with the flow; and I look forward to the next set of skills my kids develop and give me something to be proud of. Isn’t it wonderful when your kids surpass you?

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