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Whole Foods Tortilla Chips Review

Whole Foods Tortilla Chips Review – Instead of reaching for a bag of Tostitos or any of the other nacho chip choices from a grocery store, consider going to Whole Foods if you if you want to make your nachos worthy of gourmet status.

Oh yes, there are so many uses for tortilla chips. Salsa, guacamole, nachos, homemade dips… And until now, I had not been able to find the perfect “nacho” chip!  I was so thrilled to come across Whole Foods Tortilla Chips that have the perfect texture, amount of salt and great fresh homemade taste.  Whole Foods makes them in the store and then bags them for sale.


Whole Foods Tortilla Chips are a bit pricey at up to $8 a bag… but TOTALLY worth it.  I had to wait for a bag of Whole Foods Tortilla Chips yesterday as they were making them. When the gentleman came out with a bag of Whole Foods Tortilla Chips for me, he said they were selling well, and I can understand why. Whole Foods Tortilla Chips beat any other store bought, bagged chip.  I think it’s safe to say that I like them better than any restaurant chip as well. Usually, you can find them on a stand alone rack near the refrigerated salsas, dips, and other prepared foods.  Whole Foods Tortilla Chips will be in a clear bag with a Whole Foods gold seal.

I hope this Whole Foods Tortilla Chips review was helpful.

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