Why Choose Homeschooling?

Why Choose Homeschooling – Although there is a common perception that families homeschool for non-conformist reasons, more common reasons for homeschooling
include social, academic, family values, time, travel, student interests and illness.

With homeschooling growing more and more popular, this is the time for some families to make the decision on whether or not to send their kids to school or keep them home for homeschooling.


I don’t know the process or required procedures that go into homeschooling, but I do see some of the benefits.  I see benefits to the school systems as well. It’s a tough decision. Here are some reasons why families choose homeschooling…

Why Choose Homeschooling?

  • Academic – Students who excel academically are sometimes bored and unchallenged at school. As a result, sometimes these bright students stop progressing or develop behavior problems. Students with different learning styles, preferences or special needs don’t always get the help they need at school either. Homeschooling provides the opportunity for students to learn at their own pace, take advantage of their strengths and learning styles and challenge themselves.
  • Social – Many parents choose to homeschool because their children are suffering socially at school. Some children are bullied, excluded or go to schools where they don’t feel safe. In some cases, excessive socialization distracts children from learning. By homeschooling, parents can better control their environment and find new and safe socialization opportunities for their children.
  • Family values – Some families choose to homeschool so they can integrate family values or interests into their children’s education. Whether the focus is on religion, foreign language or a different culture, families have more control over the content and delivery of the curriculum. Homeschooling also provides families with the flexibility to incorporate the family business, travel and other interests into the curriculum.
  • Flexibility – Homeschooling allows families some scheduling flexibility. Since most homeschooling programs allow unconventional school schedules, families can spend more time together and accommodate work hours, custody arrangements, travel, illness and other family situations.
  • Interests – Many students choose to learn at home to further their own budding interests. A young dancer, singer, actor or race car driver can schedule schoolwork around practices and events without missing excessive days at school. Homeschooling also provides the opportunity for students to work on their own projects, participate in internship programs or volunteer in the community.

Why Choose Homeschooling Author – Maya Creedman 7/09.

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