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Wii Fit Plus Review and Video Part Three

Wii Fit Plus Review and Video Part Three – review and video of Wii Fit Plus for Nintendo as a Yoga, strength-training, cardio fitness routine.

In this Wii Fit Plus Review and Video Part Three segment, we reviewed the next three exercise games of the newly added Training Plus section on the Wii Fit Plus. You can watch the video to see the games in action.  This time around, we shot me in the video as well so you could see how it looks to be doing the exercises. Also, read below for some short descriptions of each.

Wii Fit Plus Review – Video

[vsw id=”Ljl0KgdgRU4″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Wii Fit Plus Review and Video – Games Shown

Driving Range: this is as close as it’s gonna get to the real thing, but indoors. It’s way more than just swinging. This game actually measures and reads how you balance and shift your weight when swinging the club, as well as how your swing directs the ball.

Segway Circuit: this game requires you to “drive” a Segway into target balloons to pop them. There are moles underground that keep deflating and moving the targets so you need to move quick!

Bird’s Eye Bull’s Eye: Flapping fun and looking silly, but it’s one of the better workouts. You literally have to flap your arms and fly toward targets and land on them. It’s a good shoulder workout if you can get past the embarrassment.

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