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Wii Fit Plus Review and Video Part Two

Wii Fit Plus Review and Video Part Two – review and video of Wii Fit Plus for Nintendo as a Yoga, strength-training, cardio fitness routine.

This portion of our Wii Fit Plus review includes video coverage of each of the new Training Plus balance exercises. Let’s start with the first three.


[vsw id=”tg9bsdJEBoM” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


1. Perfect 10
This is the exercise my kids have re-named “Shake your booty.” You literally have to bump your hips in different directions to hit the numbers that add up to ten. Once you pass

this stage, the math changes. It’s totally fun, and educational:). One small downfall, it’s sometimes difficult to hit it exactly right. It reads every small move and will sometimes “hit” a number you were not intending to hit. If you hit it again, it turns that selection off so you can pick the right numbers.

2. Island Cycling
This one is really fun. I am so glad to see a cycling component. There’s not a whole lot of balance technique here, but definitely some buns of steel mini workouts.  Basically, you do small steps in place to pedal the bike and you use the remote like a steering wheel to turn. Once you pass the initial level, you get to stages with more flags and more difficult paths. Totally a riot. Feel free to laugh at my crashes here and there. I wanted to show the ramps, but kind of missed:).

3. Rhythm Kung Fu
My daughter LOVES this one. I think it’s the funky music. Again, not a whole lot of sweat breaking activity going on here. This one develops a sense of rhythm. You follow the moves by mirroring what they’re doing. If you don’t do the moves right on to the beat and rhythm exactly how they show you, you won’t get the perfect marking. The initial stage is easy, but the next one up takes some practice.

Stay tuned for the next review which will feature three more of these fun new exercises!

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