Will and Trust Planning is Easier Than You Think

Will and Trust Planning – Yes, I am forty-something and, until recently, had not done a Will and Trust yet. Yes, I realize it’s something you should do the second you give birth to protect your child’s well-being and financial future. Well, I never got around to it so I consider myself very lucky that nothing catastrophic happened to me and my family up to this point.


The biggest reason for not doing it until now was because I felt overwhelmed by the process. When you think of what must go into planning out how your estate will be divided once you’re gone, what would happen if you were debilitated, who will take care of your kids, who decides if they “pull the plug” on you, etc…it sounds daunting to lay it all out legally so that everything goes smoothly and your wishes are followed. And, everyone knows how busy new moms are! Plus, I was running a business from my home so I thought I was in no position to take out loads of time to put together a Will and Trust, even though I knew how important it was. Lastly, I foolishly assumed Will and Trust Planning was better suited to those with substantial assets and wasn’t really necessary for my family. I also wrongly assumed it would be too expensive for our budget.

What I didn’t realize is this…if you work with the right people, Will and Trust Planning is actually a rather simple, quick and unintimidating process that yields a professionally built guide defining every step of your last requests…with them doing most of the work for you! And it can be affordable for young families!

I dealt with Sarah Pangburn, an attorney at MALL MALISOW & COONEY, P.C. in Farmington Hills. Sarah was patient, kind, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful, offering us the perfect level of guidance and support with the planning process, especially when making tough decisions such as who will take care of our kids if my husband and I are unable to do so. She facilitated our conversation and chimed in when necessary to offer her professional advice. We found it comforting, empowering and it eased the decision making process. Sarah is a young mom herself and we felt like she could relate to our concerns and made us feel comfortable.

Sarah and MALL MALISOW & COONEY, P.C. put together our Will and Trust within only two meetings with them, along with emailed correspondence so that we could manage as much as we could without having to go into the office. Sarah was flexible and offered meeting times that worked for our hectic schedule.

I truly was impressed by the professionalism of MALL MALISOW & COONEY, P.C., but even more surprised that the process was as simple as it was. At our first meeting, Sarah explained the process to us. Then, she asked the basic questions…like, who do you want to be the guardian of your children, who do you want to be the Executor of your estate, etc., She took down quick notes and we left. When we came back to our next meeting, we were shown the full Will and Trust (some very large binders!) and we signed on the “dotted lines.” We left with piece of mind that our assets (like our house and our life insurance policies) would be used for important things like college and down payments for our kids if we were gone.

I loved that we had to do nothing but make the decisions. Sarah literally did the rest. If I had known this was how simple it would be to do a Will and Trust for a full family and that we could afford it, I would not have waited so long to begin the Will and Trust planning process. The entire process was simple and I felt an immediate sense of relief once our plans were in place!

For more info on Will and Trust planning for young families through MALL MALISOW & COONEY, P.C., and to schedule a FREE consultation you can reach Sarah Pangburn at…

Office (Call) – 248-538-1800
Cell (Call or Text) – 734-707-3165
Email – spangburn@teclf.com

30445 Northwestern Hwy #310
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Will and Trust planning is not only easy and affordable, it’s very empowering!

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