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Wonder Women Pole Studio Lake Orion – Review, pics, and video of Wonder Women Pole Studio in Lake Orion on Lapeer Road near Clarkston Road, Wonder Women offers pole dancing classes and lessons.

Wonder Women Pole Studio in Lake Orion was the next stop for a girls night out with my best friend. After hearing about how pole dancing can be a fun workout, we thought we’d give it a try. Worst case scenario, we’d get a few laughs.

A quick side note here… I did not attend a pole dancing class with every intention of becoming a stripper. I simply wanted to try a unique, and sexy, new workout. I heard pole dancing was a killer workout and I’m always looking for a nice burn.

Wonder Women Pole Studio Lake Orion Pics

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My best friend was up for taking the class with me, especially since Wonder Women Pole Studio is a few doors down in the same plaza as Forest Mexican Grill and Cantina. The thought of dance moves on a stripper pole followed by a pitcher of margaritas was quite enticing.


Wonder Women Pole Studio is a cozy studio housed with six dancer poles. Three of them are brass and three are chrome. The brass poles have more of a “sticky” grip and the chrome is more slippery.

My friend and I attended a basic class. The class began with some warm-up moves. After a few minutes of warming up, the instructor taught some basic moves. The instruction was very easy to follow and broken down into steps. Everyone in the class was quickly catching on to some great fun spins around the stripper pole. During the class, we had the opportunity to learn quite a few moves. There was also flexibilty depending on everyone’s level.

Wonder Women Pole Studio Lake Orion Video

After completing the class, I can say it was a bit of a workout. Nothing extreme, but I did get a bit sore… probably because it’s a workout I’ve never done before! The class was fun, and it was a very comfortable environment. There was nothing awkward about it. The teacher was very open and guided us toward sexier ways to move, without anyone feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.

The classes at Wonder Women Pole Studio vary in level. There are different levels for the pole fitness classes, and there are also chair fit classes, and aerial fit classes using the aerial silk. Drop-ins are available if space allows. Additionally, Wonder Women Pole Studio will occasionally run a Try-It class for those who want to get an idea of what the courses are about before signing up for a series. Pole Parties and private lessons are also available.

Studio hours are by appointment only. Pre-registration is required for all classes.

Wonder Women Pole Studio Lake Orion

790 S Lapeer Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48362
Phone 248-693-4300

For more info on Wonder Women Pole Studio Lake Orion, visit www.wonderwomenpolestudio.com

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