Words Every Toddler Should Know

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25 Words every toddler should know can tell you whether or not your child may have a variety of problems including: hearing problems, autism, dyslexia, or long-term speech delays.

Our friends at Yahoo! Shine sent us a link to help parents who may have trouble deciding if their toddler or child may have a speech delay.

The article, Twenty-Five Words Every Toddler Should Know, is designed to show that a two-year-old with a limited vocabulary may signal hearing problems, autism or autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, or potential long-term speech delays. While the average toddler uses 75-225 words and is able to combine them into phrases, 25 is considered the minimum for late talkers.

Researchers from the Child Study Institute at Bryn Mawr College have identified a list of 25 words every toddler should be using by age two.

The 25 Words Every Toddler Should Know

  • all gone
  • baby
  • ball
  • banana
  • bath
  • bye bye
  • book
  • car
  • cat
  • cookie
  • daddy
  • dog
  • eye
  • hat
  • hello/hi
  • hot
  • juice
  • milk
  • mommy
  • more
  • no
  • nose
  • shoe
  • thank you
  • yes

The Yahoo! Shine words every child should know article also reminds parents that parents shouldn’t panic if their child toddler is using fewer words than average, but they should consider having them evaluated by an expert. Early intervention offers the best outcome.

Words Every Toddler Should Know Source – Yahoo Shine!

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