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Workforce Microfiber Duster Review

Workforce Microfiber Duster Review – review of Workforce Microfiber Duster (Home Depot Product Line) Product # Model BR3530.Could it be possible? Could my life have been made easier by the purchase of a $2.98 microfiber duster?

I took my kids to the Kids Workshop at Home Depot and we love walking around a bit after they’re done with making their project to see if there’s anything we might need. I guess you could say that it’s working out for Home Depot to get us in the store to make purchases via the Kids Workshop.

Now back to the microfiber duster. While walking around we spotted the Workforce Microfiber Duster by Workforce Home Essentials. Workforce is a discount Best Buy brand. I already use Microfiber cloths with great success. Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning windows and floors. They get all the dirt and don’t leave streaks.

I wondered if the Workforce Microfiber Duster would work as well. And, for only $2.98, it could potentially be the cheapest big fix ever. The Workforce Microfiber Duster has fat worm like short strands on a handle so it looks like a mini mop with completely soft and swede like fibers. I picked it up and headed home excited to try it out.

The Workforce Microfiber Duster worked out to be totally convenient, efficient, and effective.

Convenient: I like having the handle when dusting (even though it’s short). I can get a better reach in areas and I get to keep my hands free from the dusty cloth. Cleaning it is pretty easy. The Workforce Microfiber Duster is machine washable but I don’t think I would ever put it in the washing machine for fear that the soft fibers would rip off. I washed it by hand and it cleaned very easily. I was surprised at how much came out even after I shook it outside. Just a word of caution, do not use any fabric softener when washing it. I think it makes the microfiber duster less effective.

Efficient: I also appreciate not having to use any type of dusting spray. I never liked the smell or “fumes” from the spray and how the cloth got a yucky mix of spray and dust. Plus, not having to spray before wiping was a nice time saver. And the Workforce Microfiber Duster overall easier to use than a dusting cloth.

Effective: The Workforce Microfiber Duster works. With one swipe, the dust is gone. And, it’s not flying through the air, it’s trapped in the microfiber duster. I would shake the microfiber duster outside between rooms. To get more dust out, I would clap with it as if it were one of my hands. I know there’s a Swiffer version that claims to do the same thing, but I don’t think it would work as well, AND I can almost guarantee that it’s not cheap to keep buying the Swiffer replacements.

So, no more buying the sprays and no more pushing the dust around with dusting cloths. I will forever rely on my $2.98 Workforce Microfiber Duster.

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