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Writing Home Book by Cindy LaFerle Review

Writing Home book by Cindy LaFerle Review – review of Cindy Laferle’s Writing Home. Writing Home is a eries of short stories and newspaper columns

written by author Cindy LaFerle in her local paper, The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak, Michigan. Cindy’s style is truthful in her discussions of life as she sees it and how she experiences it. It’s entertaining to read her spin on everyday life situations that we can all relate to.

It’s also fun because I agree with many of her viewpoints, in addition to its Michigan appeal.

A couple of my favorite entries include:

Home Sweet Office – a column focusing on the struggles of being a mom and working from home. I enjoyed reading this column because I completely understand every scenario, emotion, and conflict she expressed, as I have experienced them all myself. It was interesting and rewarding at the same time to read her story. Battling the misconceptions and expectations others have of stay at home mompreneurs is difficult and annoying. Our shift begins at the crack of dawn and does not end until the day is done, yet others don’t get it. We’re not always seen as professionals, and we are still expected to keep the toilets sparkling clean and play games with the kids in addition to clocking in the hours and bringing in some cash. But in the end, it’s still the job of a lifetime.

The Long Way Home – a column written shortly after 9-11. Everyone in the country was affected by 9-11. As one big family, we mourned. Afterward, our lives were changed forever. Cindy LaFerle did a wonderful job writing about the emotions and how we’ve experienced changes with what we consider to be important, and how we’ve lost that complete sense of security in our home.

When More Isn’t Enough – the never ending debate between my husband and me is that he thinks we need a bigger house and I think what we have is fine. In this column, Cindy LaFerle talks about how she learned from selling her home that more isn’t always enough. She quotes therapist Timothy Miller “People look for More under the delusion that they will be happy when they get More. In fact, if and when they get More, they are not any happier than they were before, and they still want More.”

Writing Home is an interesting read so it’s worth the purchase. Additionally, proceeds from Writing Home book sales benefit organizations in Oakland County that help the homeless.

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