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Zebra Oasis Shoes Review

Zebra Oasis Shoes review and info. Casual men’s and women’s lace up shoes featuring a comfortable hemp mesh upper and a fully recycled (and recyclable) TPU foam sole.

I always feel a little weird just tossing shoes in the trash. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but they don’t feel like the usual garbage. When I can, I donate my shoes. But, some pairs are just too shot to give away.


When I heard that there’s a shoe company that manufactures shoes that can be 100% recycled, I was definitely interested. These unique shoes are made by Zebra Oasis and can be completely detached by a single thread for 100% recycling. ZO spent over three years perfecting this solution and it’s brilliant.

The Zebra Oasis 100% recyclable shoes can be broken down by pulling out the string that is inside the shoe. This separates the sole and upper of the shoes, allowing for proper recycling and biodegradation of each component.

These shoes are very light weight, soft, and very comfortable… almost like a bedroom slipper. So far, the sole has held up very well. They even seem to wear even a little less than my usual daily walker sneakers. They’re comfortable enough to wear with or without socks.

The soles on these recyclable shoes use no harmful chemicals in the foaming process. The upper part of the shoes are the World’s 1st Self-Adapting Hemp Flynit Upper which makes for a perfect fit for every foot. And, blister-free. I am a firm believer that these would never cause a blister.


No dye is used on these recyclable shoes. They are also machine-washable and foldable. The resiliency, comfort, and durability of these recyclable shoes makes them great for all-day wear including traveling, hiking, office, etc.

The fine folks at Zebra Oasis sent me a pair for this review, I received no compensation for the review other than the product to use.

You can learn more about Zebra Oasis Shoes at their website and here.

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